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  1. The belt drive is fine, no slipping on the alternator pulley. As the alternator has low inertia compared to say a compressor you would probably hear belt slip when the compressor kicks in. What I was wondering is why does the windscreen heater turn off too. Without the wiring diagrams its hard to understand whats happening. Dont know if the windscreen heater is the problem or a result of somthing else.
  2. When I used the test mode to measure with engine off it still measured over 12 volts.
  3. Hi My 06 1.6 Zetec has started showing the battery waring light every now and again, it tends to be on more than it is off but can seem to stay off for quite a while somtimes. When it does come on the heated front winscreen button will not light up, so i assume its not working and when the lamp is off it works. I have checked the battery voltage with the diagnostic test and looks ok, when engine is running reads 13.5 volts. Any thoughts ? Thanks Matt
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