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  1. Glad you got it sorted mate, I too have had enough of Ford and going back to Vx, Customer service not that much better with them either , at least I know where I am with them and I get cheap parts etc!! Cheers Pete
  2. Another way I found with mine is to put it into !st then immediately drop it into reverse, seems to work ok for me, however car's going at the end of the week and I'm going back to VX and a Vectra, certainly won't be buying another Ford again unless it's out of desperation!! give the Focus it's due though it does handle well, but that's about it. Cheers Pete
  3. Anyone know (or have any photos) if the 1.6 Ti-Vct should have a protective cover over the bottom of the engine as it were, looks like the bottom of mine is a bit exposed, it does have a small one that's attached to bumper but that one looks more like protection for Radiator area only. Cheers Pete
  4. Why is it these damn dealers are always trying to wriggle out of it, obviously cost as usual!! As well as looking at the pedal itself, they need to be looking at the slave cylinder , which could also be where the problem exists, but as you say , what more can you do other than demand it's looked at properly in these areas, particularly as it's under warranty. Let us know how you get on. Cheers Pete
  5. It actually causes revs to hang a little higher, this is for smoother changes down etc. they`ve been fitted to most focus`s, irelevant of age and engine. Ah right , I see where your coming from , cheers mate Pete
  6. Cheers for that mate, I presume it ensures the revs come down quickly when changing gear? Cheers Pete
  7. So can I, hence me asking what it's for and it doesn't have cruise control either, so a bit strange this one!! Cheers Pete
  8. It's on the 2005 focus 1.6 Ti-Vct mate.Cheers pete
  9. Can anyone tell me the actual purpose of the clutch switch that's mounted on the pedal assembly? Cheers Pete
  10. Anyone know if the 2005 model 1.6 Ti-Vct has the Dual Mass Flywheel fitted as standard? Cheers Pete
  11. Funnily enough mate, does exactly that as well, had crossed my mind about the lazy leg syndrome! Car's going in for it's 3rd year service in a couple of weeks and getting them to change the brake/clutch fluid as it's overdue for that , be interesting to see if it changes things, anyway thanks for your info mate. Chers Pete
  12. That is not good at all mate, hope they sort it ok for you. Cheers Pete
  13. Finding just lately that on first press down of the clutch pedal that it feels a bit stiffer than normal, (when it's been left all day at work) but after a couple of presses it's ok , thinking about it's not that noticeable when starting it first thing in the morning anyone else find this ? could it be a cabin related temperature problem due to expansion of the pedal assembly area? Cheers Pete
  14. Christ !! and I thought whizzpoppers were bad enough, beginning to think again, my warranty runs out in July and this is probably when the hole car will start falling to bits :lol: Cheers Pete
  15. anyone know if there's an ECU software update that improves cold driveability that stops this slight jerky throttle response when cold i.e feels like it's pulling back slightly and when I come off the throttle at very low speeds the car feels as if it's kangarooing slightly; behaves absolutely fine when engine warms up . Cheers Pete
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