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  1. I have this noise too! Couldn't be bothered to fix it but now I know what it is I shall do!!! :)
  2. £30.40 + VAT. They come colour coded already!
  3. Hi all. Have just noticed that the plastic trim on the back of one of my wing mirrors is no longer there!!! I hope I can just get a new cover and not a whole mirror. Anyone know where to look on the net? :)
  4. I drive my 2.0l tdci quick. I just about manage to hit 40mpg. If you drive @ 60-70mph on a motorway in 6th you'll get the 50mpg stated. Otherwise forget it! Still 40mpg not too bad considering the performance you get. :)
  5. Anyone else have this? Can anything be done to cure it or is it just badly designed?
  6. Well, have been informed that all that was required was the new software as this contains a 'fix' for the frozen egr problem. I really do hope so because I cant take much more!!!!
  7. BAD NEWS! My EGR problems have returned in just over a month! I am starting to think they just cleaned my EGR instead of replacing it. They're having it in monday and will put the new software on. Will wait and see. :(
  8. And I hardly think the power gain on the alternator will be significant! :roll:
  9. How come the sony 6 cd changer does'nt play mp3's when the single unit does then?
  10. Thousands? I worked out an ST would cost me just £500 a year more in tax/ins and fuel than my 2.0l tdci titanium!
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