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  1. Phil, How did you get on with your DAB radio? I did get another 6CD (brand new) and got it fitted with the aerial (thanks for the info, it worked great). Same old problem with the code though when turning it on, just got "unconfigured mode" A bit of research and as people have kind of said on this forum, you need to get your local Fraud dealer to code the radio to the car. It cost me £50 but it's all working great now. Cheers... Iain
  2. Hi Phil, I had the 6CD version, not that I was bothered about having a multi-changer as it is the DAB radio I am more interested in. As soon as the aerial parts come I'll give that a go. Then I just need to find another DAB radio. Thanks for the warning about the Quick Clear wiring. I'll look out for that too! :wink: Iain
  3. I've sent mine back and he is giving me a refund. He does seem a genuine guy but my two local Ford dealers hadn't a clue to sorting out the problem with the radio. I'll have to keep looking :cry: I've ordered the bits for the Dab Aerial but not got them yet. That was going to be my next question. How do you go about fitting it...?
  4. That is who I am dealing with at the moment... I went to two different Fraud dealers over the weekend and neither of them had a clue nor could they give me any advice to rectify the problem. I have sent mine back to him and he is going to send me another one. I'll let you know how I get on. Iain
  5. I've just fitted my DAB radio. When I switch it on it comes up on the display "unconfigured mode" and then shows "1 hour". What it does not do is come up with the screen for me to enter the four digit code which is what I was expecting. I have it fitted into the car and the FM aerial is connected but there is no DAB aerial connected yet as I have yet to order that. Has anyone come across this before? How do I enter the code at this point? Thanks all. Iain
  6. Hi, Bit of a newbie here. I've just got myself a (nearly) new 60 reg Focus Zetec S and so far it is mucho smiles! 8) I am looking to invest in a Sony 6CD & DAB radio which I hope to get this week. I'm not bothered about the Bluetooth (which I'm almost certain this car does not have) or the I-Pod connection. What I would like to be able to do though is plug in a memory stick and play MP3's (preferably controlling through the radio if possible). Is this possible to do or am I flogging a dead horse? Thanks for your help. Iain
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