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  1. Just wanted to post a quick sorry to all those who have PM'd me and are still awaiting a Privilege price. Have been literally deluged with requests in conjunction with a heavy workload - end of the month AND end of most important quarter of the year! Things have settled down a bit now and I'm starting to work my way through the backlog, I'll have your price for you as quick as I can. Thanks for your patience James
  2. Not as good as Golf but MUCH better than Astra. When I went to Ford for the New Focus launch there was a short speech by a guy from CAP. He said they were anticipating the Focus would only be around 3-4% behind the Golf which itself was about 11-13% in front of Astra/Megane/307 etc. I think if I was buying I'd avoid the ST1, when you consider how little extra an ST2 brand new is I can see ST1's being rather undesired as used cars. A bit like trying to sell an old or new shape Zetec with no air-con/heated front screen. No-one wants them as they're are plenty of better spec models around. ST2/3 should be fine on the used market. Remember everyone, as always, tick boxes on the options list because they're features YOU want and will enjoy and have benefit from. They WILL NOT increase the re-sale value of your car by any significant margin. They WILL however make it more desirable and it'll probably sell quicker - just not necessarily for any extra money!
  3. I did a little experiment earlier and thought that some might be interested in my findings. I Rang a VW dealer to find out what a 3dr Golf GTi with the following options (I picked these to make as fair a comparison as possible with what a 3dr ST3 would cost): Metallic Paint Xenons Leather Trim (Not Recaro) 6 Disc-CD (No MP3 capability) 18"Wheels OTR £23540 (Was also assured by salesman that there was "absolutely no chance" of any money off.) The list price of an ST3 which with the exception of metallic paint would have all the above as standard anyway PLUS Sony audio with MP3, Recaro leather seats (and we all know how good Recaro's are don't we kids?! :lol: ) and Quickclear (Ford only - obviously) is £19845. When you also consider the ST is more powerful (225PS v 200PS and 320Nm@1600rpm v 280Nm@1800rpm) and has colour coded everything, I think Ford is onto a serious winner here. At £3695 cheaper but with more power :twisted: and equipment :D the residuals on the VW really DO need to be stronger. Also factor in more expensive servicing and parts for the Golf and the fact you'll be able to get a Ford dealer to give some of his margin away (especially for FFOC devotee's that deal with ME! :wink: :lol: ) could see that gap widen further. ST all the way - on paper at least it seems to have the edge. But then I would say that wouldn't I??!! :lol:
  4. Mines a 1.6Tivct Titanium in Machine Silver. Sorry no pics, havn't got a digi camera :oops: . (It's identical to Smeems anyway) Seriously DO get a metallic colour (but avoid green). You might think your saving £350 by not having it. You'll LOSE £500 when you trade it in so it'll end up costing more in the long run. Solids don't look as good IMO anyway. My faves for the new Focus are: Jeans Magnum Grey Tonic
  5. Dunno if this'll be any help but I currently have a choice of 2 new shape Focus 1.6TDci LX estate in stock, moondust silver, 05 plate. One has 22k miles, the other 19k miles. Both at £11499 - thats a saving of nearly £3500 against new list price.
  6. It's an all new Galaxy. Check the Frankfurt Motor Show section on www.ford.co.uk
  7. :oops: Sorry, I just re-read the question! Yes the actual nuts will fit. It's the keys that are different. ie - you cant use pre 2005 keys on a 2005 car and vice versa.
  8. Good job your mum isn't in a hurry! As I write, not 1 single used Focus diesel auto has been registered in the UK. Ever! (There may be a VERY small number of CMAX though). As the 1st brand new ones might not be turning up until March 2006, she won't find a used one until this time next year at the earliest. And even then there isn't going to be much choice in the way of spec or colour. Up to you of course, but it's going to take a lot of patience!
  9. With the Iosis concept (STUNNING!) Ford are talking about their design direction for all new models - these are simply facelifts. You can see a lot of the thinking from the SAV concept in the new Galaxy. I like it. The car inside and out has a much more contemporary look, and it moves it further away from the re-badged VW look (not that that's ever done it any harm). Differentiation is becoming more and more important and I think it achieves it without alienating it's core market. I think the Fiesta is an improvement - externally at least. I'm not too crazy about the interior - from a design and styling point of view I think its ok but the colours are a little garish. To be fair to Ford, the Fiesta has had it's interior criticised for being too bland and they're trying to liven it up a bit - not sure if that's the approach I would have taken tho! Am astounded to see they have actually made the Fusion look LESS attractive. Just didn't think it would be possible! :lol:
  10. I'm a Ford salesman and your not too far away, maybe you should come and have a chat with me?! :lol: :wink: He is talking a load of cobblers. The ONLY automatic diesel is the Durashift CVT. The Durashift CVT does have a "manual mode" where you can change gear without actuating the clutch yourself but you can also just leave it in "D" and drive as per a normal auto. The 6-speed manual doesn't have any sort of auto provision at all. So your right and he is wrong! :roll: There is currently a supply constraint on the diesel CVT, we are not expecting any to arrive until the end of this year at earliest but probably more likely the 1st quarter of 2006. Does your mum have any specific reason for wanting the auto/diesel combination? ie does she cover a lot of miles? It might be the case that she wants a diesel because she's heard they're cheaper to run, which is true. But they're also considerably more expensive to buy in the 1st place, and if she's only covering say 10k miles a year she would have to run the car a very long time to see the saving back in fuel. PM me or post on here if you have any further questions or need more help 8)
  11. Good to hear a tale of Ford getting it right! Really pleased for you. :D
  12. They WONT fit. The 2005 locking nuts have a sort of extra ingress cut into them.
  13. If they build a new RS, it will DEFINITELY be 4WD. With 300+BHP, theres no way they'd try putting that through just the front wheels.
  14. Glad to hear your enjoying it :D There is a rather technical/complicated way you can permanently disable the belt-minder, but I think it's a dealer job as it involves plugging the car into WDS (I think). As a quick fix tho, if you plug and then unplug your belt 3 times in quick succesion it will disable the belt minder but only for 1 ignition cycle :?
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