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  1. Look at that front bumper-is it the light or does it not match? :roll:
  2. I'm going to defend the alloys and say I actually like them. And the car looks well tasty in white. :D
  3. tesscott6312, I stand corrected. My idea was a bit of an assumption. :roll:
  4. What's the 3rd setting on the lights dial (can't quite see in the pic) - 1=side 2=dipped 3= :?: cheers Parking lights, on the old Focus you push the switch in and turn to the left.
  5. Xenon lights don't have a manual height adjust, they dip/raise automatically depending on the loading of the car. IIRC only a dealer can manually adjust the lights on an MOT jig.
  6. First estate perhaps. South Wales police have f * * * * loads of new Focuses! Most of them are silver, full of reflective stickers! No doubt they'll all be oil burners! Must have got a good deal from Ford. Anyone noticed the number of new Focuses on TV recently? In shows on ITV (dramas and the like). Ford are once again indoctrinating the public into "wanting to buy" a new Focus!! Do you remember Kevin and Perry Go Large a few years back, every house in their close had a Focus... :lol: But personally, I don't want a black cab because Charlie in Eastenders has got one, so why should I want
  7. Sounds good. :D Better than my £8 Phillips Road Map anyday... :wink:
  8. More likely you'll have a bigger crash in this car than in others unfortunatly. Sounds like they're thinking people are going to start rolling them. :shock: Unless it could be the heavy engine in a frontal impact being forced back and placing more pressure on the A section of the car? :? (OK, I'm grasping at straws now...) :wink:
  9. Ronaldo, I wasn't intentionally having a pop mate, just it came out wrong. Peace blud! :wink: :D What's that GPS thing at the top of the first picture?
  10. Ronaldo, sounds like you're not exactly taking care of it. :wink: Parking on double red lines isn't exactly clever, and scratching it already... :roll: Especially since someone bought the car for you-show them a little respect, it's an awful lot of money to spend on someone else mate. :wink: It's a nice car, keep it that way. :D Black lights only availiable on the Zetec and Zetec Climate models in this market.
  11. That one in the picture is black It isn't just me then... :?
  12. Ronaldo: Polish removes the contaminants from the paint such as tree sap and traffic film. Wax seals the finish that you've just created with the polish. I'd advise to polish and wax the car every month. I do mine every couple of months as it's garaged. It gets a booster wax every couple of weeks-this booster wax is in a spray form. I use Megiuars 3 Step for polishing and waxing, and then the NXT Gen booster. Brings my Met Blue up a treat. :D Polishing cloth wise, I find a big box of terry towels from Costco is cost effective and useful for anything car wise-they can be washed and used
  13. Erm...I'd advise exactly the opposite Kevin, dodgy brakes 'n all. :wink:
  14. Er, try the brochure??? I was merely being sarcastic about what most manufacturers describe as "Sportyness". :roll: :wink:
  15. "Performance inspired features"-some shiney trim, a nice gearknob and some alloys. :roll:
  16. Kevin's problems with his MkII has got me thinking about the colour matches. I was sitting eating breakfast in a cafe near a Ford dealer when two transporter loads of new Foci pulled up, with three different sets of colours on the back-Tonic, the dark blue (I think it's Jeans) and Machine Silver. I propose we should compile a list of colours that don't match, match OK and match for the benefit of prospective MkII purchasers so they don't have the wrangle and heartache Kevin and I'm sure other buyers have had. Please feel free to contribute, I will update the list regularly as people post so
  17. Wow, what an offer! Even if you paid the cost of hiring a car for the days, you'd still be well in pocket! :D
  18. ngr123, it's a lot like driving the old 1.6 Zetec-SE; the engine needs a bootful of revs before it starts strutting it. :wink:
  19. Well, I'm pretty sure you're within reason and rights to reject the car on the basis you've described! Typical Ford customer service eh...I bet if it were Honda or Skoda the whole issue would be resolved by now. :roll: Like you say mate keep me informed on how matters progress and if I can lend a hand in any way, give me a shout. :) Fingers crossed Ford will back down before it hits court.
  20. Cracking looking MKII. Kev I think the Panther Black with the MS Design kit is the one to go for mate. :) Any more updates on how things are going?
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