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  1. I, in a rush, accidently smashed my rear bumber on a small concrete pillar that has no use in a car park (look at me blaming the pillar!). Anyway, it smashed the right hand side corner, including smashing the fog light. I have been in touch with my local dealer for a new bumper, because the whole thing will need replacing but they have said that thye have stopped making the bumper because of a design upgrade and it is on back order and can't tell me when it will be in. They have also taken a deposit of £200 from me at the end of November, which is when I have been waiting since. Just wa
  2. Just thought I would let you all know the problem with the sat nav key code was all sorted. The Ford engineer, just discounted the sat nav from the back to restart it and when it switched back on the correct key code entry screen popped up. No cost involved. Many thanks, Peter
  3. It is a Denso DVD Sat Nav which came with the car. The only buttons being displayed are 1,2,3,4,5,6 , not even an enter/ok button. My code is 5678 - so no way of entering 7 and 8. I thought I would check here before I call Fords. Cheers, Peter
  4. Hi there Does anyone know how I enter the keycode on my Sat Nav? I have the keycode but on the satnav there are only numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 but my key code needs 7 and 8?!? There was no manual with the Sat Nav because they had not wrote one when i bought the MK2 Focus when it first came out in 2005. Reason for key code was that I had a problem the other day where I was waiting for someone and had the engine off but the satnav/radio on. Well this amazingly drained the battery and I had to call out RAC. They tested by battery and said it was faulty, hence no battery life resetted my satnav/
  5. Its been working fine for 2 years! p
  6. This is Ford Sat Nav, so maybe something wrong with the system. Does anyone know if it would be covered by Warranty if faulty??? p
  7. I am now travelling into Kent even though I am in Essex!!! :oops: My Sat Nav is not working properly and wondered if anyone can help?!? It is showing that it can not see the Satalite in the Sky (the sat image on the top right). This has happended many times before over the last 2 years but normally only for a minute but this has now been the case for 3 days. Has anyone had this problem or now how to solve it? It is due its service this month but dont want to trust the dealer as they did not even know how to work it when I bought the car!!! :roll: cheers, p
  8. Thanks for your comments. I can totally trust the local mechanic, he has done work for my family for years and is highly recommended in the area. He uses Ford parts which I would supply and stamps the book. The question was whether anyone knew if they hook it up electronically to a computer or not re the electrical workings of the engine computer. p
  9. My Focis is due its second annual service at the end of the month. The rest of my family use a local dealer accross the road and because my father-in-law works at the Fords factory we get cheap parts - so everyone is a winner but with the Ford Focus, should I take to dealer. Do they hook it up to a computer or is it all mechanical. We are talking about £150 for dealer service or £60 for local mechanic. If it is al mechanical and no computer hook up, I may as well not bother. p
  10. Hi there Has anyone experienced water coming into the car via the interior light? I have been to my local Ford dealer who suggests it is the aerial which needs tightening up but is not covered by the warranty?!? the car is 2 years old, surely it is not wear and tear. He says water leakage would not be covered unless within 1st year? If I have to pay for this to be fixed I will go to my local mechanic. It is not a large amount of water but enough to trip. I am warried about the damage it may cause. Many thanks,
  11. This may have been covered already but can't find anything by using the search. I want to get the front fog light surrounding and the strip at the back colour coded (god knows why they were not done a manufacture stage?) and was wondering for people who have had this done, how much you paid or if you did it yourself would it be easy for a novice like me??? :? Also I know the subject of the spoiler has been discussed and I am thinking of colour coding that, so same question or I might replace with new ST spoiler. Many thanks in advance... :lol:
  12. Oh OK, thanks, will try that and see if I get the problem again. P
  13. Hi there I seem to have noticed in the last few weeks that I am having trouble starting the car first time. I have to leave it for a few seconds and then re-try and this then takes a bit to start. The last couple of times I had to keep the revs up in case it did not stay running. This can be on cold starts and when left for a few hours. Anyone else had this problem, I will see if it happens one more time and if so get it booked in to the dealers. I own a Titanium 03/2005 2.0l and only done 4000 miles. Cheers, Peter
  14. Mine was booked in for 9am this morning, got there at 8.50 and was all done by 9.05, impressive service from the dealer! :D
  15. I have not had this problem but my father-in-law works for Fords and knows someone that had this problem on his Mondeo Sat Nav. He had to take it back to the Dealer and apparently it was something to do with the lead between the Sat Nav and the Antenna, so back to the dealer I think. :(
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