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  1. Excellent choice....makes the car look much better... :P Will make you easier to spot now as well... :wink:
  2. The ST is certainly capable of really good MPG figures if driven carefully and you have the right roads. I could certainly get higher figures but the roads here don't allow it. inzor....all being well I should be at the car show... :)
  3. I generally get 27/28 in my ST (CR285) on the daily commute...but can get 34/35 if I'm in super granny mode....which I don't really do these days as it's boring as hell... :twisted: :lol:
  4. Our office is actually located in Blackburn. The building trade has been having a hard time recently...although I've noticed the Wimpey development just outside Inverurie is kicking off again.
  5. That's the one. 7am...Just a bit...I'm normally still in me pit at 7am... :lol:...one of the benefits of being the boss... :)
  6. Cheers... :) Yep...stay just north of Ellon and travel into Blackburn every day. Normally go through Oldmeldrum and Inverurie on the way.
  7. The ride with 18's isn't too bad on these roads. I drive from Mintlaw through to Blackburn on the back roads. I've just changed to 19's and the ride is still pretty good, but definitely harder than the 18's. If you're coming from having 15/16's then you'll probably be horrified with the 18/19's... :wink: :lol: These are mine btw (19x9's)...
  8. Well, at least you're ok, thats the main thing. I did something similar years ago in a 206GTI...I ended up in a field of neaps as well... :oops: :lol:
  9. As above...glad you're ok... :wink: Whereabouts did this happen?
  10. Excellent writeup there... :wink: Been looking to do this myself on the ST. Looks like I have the correct light surround already. Will just need to buy the rest of the gubbins... :)
  11. A slight problem that springs to mind is that I would imagine the TDCi runs much higher boost than the ST so the gauge isn't going to show the true pressure. Don't know if there's a means to rescale the gauge to 2 bar fullscale deflection instead of the ST's 1.2 bar...or even modify the gauge electronics is there's enough access. Interesting mod though...would be good to see it working... :wink:
  12. Nice writeup there... :wink: I've managed to talk another one of my fellow directors into buying a Focus (4 of the 5 directors (including me) now have foci... :lol:). Got him a 1.8 TDCi Zetec Climate with a few choice extras. Have to say it does look quite smart with the sports pack alloys...:P Some amazing deals to be had just now on the current model... :)
  13. ***deleted*** Must learn to read posts properly... :oops: :lol:
  14. :lol: I'm up to around 1300 miles now....and my tin of beans has been opened as well... :wink:
  15. Does the instant reading fluctuate even when you hold the throttle steady? Something to remember is that the instantaneous reading will vary enormously depending on engine load. In my ST the reading will vary between 20 and 50 will very little change in throttle position.
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