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  1. i have the 1.8 duratec he. i havent noticed any problems, but im not sure what pinking is. i have only ever filled up at the bp stations. not the ultimate stuff.
  2. my 2007 1.8 does 24 / 25mpg. pretty much all short journeys. it went up after re-setting the trip computer but it soon dropped back down. :(
  3. mine doesnt do it either. mine is a 2007 (57) zetec climate. seems abit stupid to me too. why would you only want to lock the passenger door and not all of them? :evil:
  4. im gonna leave it for now cheers. need to sell my stuff that doesnt fit first. :cry: :cry: so if anyones interested in ford fiesta st pedal covers or a 2006 mk2 chrome grill, let me know. they will be on eaby shortly. fingers crossed i can make my money back. new years resolution : do not jump into things on ebay!!! :lol: :lol:
  5. i have the 1.8 he 125 and my mpg is around 26. it really is that bad, but i do alot of very short journeys. i dont red line it either, so i wouldnt recomend it in the 1.8. unless you own your own petrol company. :lol: it is a good car to drive though and does shift when you are in the powerband like zetecste said. cant comment on the 1.6, never driven one.
  6. saw a picture of this today on ebay and i really liked the black stereo surround. its off the st. mine has a silver one at the moment but i wouldnt mind one of these. tried searching on ebay and google but cant come up with anything. this is mine at the moment.... [/img] and this is what i found............ [/img]
  7. ok cheers. im keeping my eye out for the mk2 pedal covers on ebay but havent seen owt yet. i bought a grill off ebay the other day, one with the chrome surround. that didnt fit either. ford must have changed the design between 2006 and 2007. think mine is the mk2.5 cos its has the different stereo.
  8. answered my own question today. it is a big NO! i could get the covers to go on but they have too much of a curve on them and dont sit flush on the peadl so no good. :cry: not having a good month on ebay. everything i seem to buy doesnt fit. :evil: :evil:
  9. i think that they mean mk2.5. cos the picture of it on ebay is totally different to the one i got the other day. alot of people seem to sell things under the wrong heading on ebay. i have to type in focus mk3 for it to find things for the mk2/2.5. and even when you do that you sometimes get stuff for the mk1 appearing!!! CRAZY :lol: :lol:
  10. just had a look on ebay for another one and i have found one off a 2007 model. it says that it is a phase three grill, is this the right one??? :roll: :roll:
  11. hi, i have an ms design grill on my 2007 (57) reg focus but wanted to go back to standard so i ordered one from a car breaker on ebay. in the description it said that it was off a 2006 focus so i thought it would fit okay. but when i came to fit it today it wont go in. it has plastic clips at the bottom that are stopping it from going in and it seems to be wider so it doesnt line up with the holes. does anyone know if ford changed the design of these or something between 2006 and 2007? looks like it will be going on ebay if anyone is interested. i paid £25 then another £8 for delivery. i
  12. hi, just wondered if anyone knows whether the foot pedal covers for the focus are the same size as the ones for the fiesta, (mk6). teamtorquesteer are selling the aluminium ones for the fiesta st but i dont wanna spend £70 and then they wont fit. i have emailed the fellas there but they dont know either. cheers for any help :lol: :lol:
  13. thats true but you will be even more gutted when you see ur brand new car, that you paid full price for, start to get blemishes from everday wear and tear. i remember i was fuming mad when i started to spot stone chips and cat claw scrapes on my new sea grey fiesta. personally i wouldnt worry about a small thing like that, only you will notice it cos you know its there. bet you could find marks on any car if you really looked hard. i would go for it and spend the money you saved on a good doctor to help you with your issues. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. i know that when you turn your heater up and direct it at the windscreen the air con comes on, but this morning when i got in my car and cracked her up the temp was 0 degrees. to my surprise both the quickclear front windscreen and heated rear window came on automatically, it was amazing. it was like the car knew that i was about to turn them on ! ! ! :lol: :lol: anyone else noticed this? the quickclear windscreen is a godsend in this weather. all the cars on my road were totally frosted this morning but i was on my way in less than a minute, meanwhile my dad sat there in the freezing cold
  15. i get that quite abit when selecting reverse. sounds like a common thing, wouldnt be too worried. its just abit embarassing if your in the middle of swinging it round and cars are waiting for you!!!! :D :( :D :(
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