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  1. Afraid not, cannot be done Can have the system seperatly as in a nokia kit or parrot but the sony buttons wont work Sorry
  2. Force 10s for me also, just got a set for my MK1.5 :wink:
  3. I have been told that whatever part you change then isnt included in warranty so for example if you change your headlights like you have and your engine blows up, your still covered under warranty but some dealers might argue From what mods you have done and planning, dont it would validate the warranty, colour coding and new front lights definately wouldnt be a problem Cars bought brand new have options such as colour coding and smoked lights so dont that would even notice that your didnt have this option if you colour coded the car
  4. Welcome mate, just noticed your from South London, where abouts you from More than welcome to come to Surrey and South London meets, check the specific area for details
  5. I want one of them for my 2003 focus, dont see why not :D :D Great design Tony, good work fellow
  6. Stop it! Stop it! You're like a little voice in my head saying "buy it, buy it" :lol: :lol: :lol: Go on then, buy it, buy it :twisted: :twisted:
  7. Wow, some stunning photos and i love the colour God the new ST is sexy, few more years and maybe will own one :D :D
  8. Solid black doesnt have the same sparkly effect as Panther Black Also solid black will fade, dont know if you have seen but old red cars that are pink They are solid red that has faded in the sunlight and over time Definately get panther black, car will look cleaner also :wink:
  9. Agree with Tesscott, dont usually like white but that looks great Nice touches :wink:
  10. Talk to Kev from Essex, not sure of username, he has the blue 3 door with twin exhaust, smoothed door handles Am sure he smoked his rear lights and then moved to afterburners
  11. Glad to see you buying an ST2, enjoy the new car :wink:
  12. Nice one mate, enjoy the new car when you get it :wink:
  13. About 1000miles is about the time when you need to keep the revs down then around 1000miles just driving normally but still not revving the hell out of the car, you can still drive fast just not too fast But have been told my a friend at Ford that engines are run in before even leaving the factory but not sure
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