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  1. I phoned them up and he wasn't certain but said that if it isn't an item described as a diesel decat pipe then it probably doesn't. Oh well Sad face :(
  2. Does that decat pipe fit the 2.0 tdci? Will it create any gain? What about the noise? Total newb when it comes to exhausts and nearly anything tbh ;) Thanks for any replies :)
  3. I was considering making a custom surround for a clock and sat nav since atm I have room for neither but having a zetec makes it a little more difficult since you have to cut out the shape our of your dash and buy a storage box :(
  4. I am totally astounded by how good it looks. I want to do it!! :< Nice one mate very very nice
  5. I have the same exact problem, I did try looking in my new HU manual its an Alpine 9881 RB I think but couldnt find anything. I have been toying with the idea of putting one where the titaniums have a storage compartment ontop of the dashboard since my zetec just has plastic there :). Power will be quite close too.
  6. Im sure there is a post somewhere on the diesel forum and it said something like if the oil is very runny then it probably has been changed but if its quite thick it hasnt though on such a new car I dont know if that will apply. Also you can get your service schedule from : http://www.etis.ford.com/fordservice/se ... uleForm.do Check they did it all! :)
  7. fail revoltos. Hang your head in shame. How do you know which bulbs to buy? I am looking for upgraded dipped and full beam lights with a blue/white colour.
  8. Think thats the one I bought, went straight on my 2.0 tdci mk2. Have no idea where i could possibly use the foot rest though.
  9. Asking tezza might be your best bet, you could try in that section of the forum at least.
  10. your english is better than 90% of the uk dont worry about it :p
  11. Yea I got the thing off before seeing this post, and like you said the sealant did squeeze out but I have cleaned most of it up so if it becomes a problem again il do as you say and just replace it. Thanks for the insight :)
  12. Ahhhh yea I didnt think of satnav, thats probably the best way. Thanks mate! It made me think since my dial was always perfect when I was pressing the reset button so I just left it like that. Somone said that the MK2 dials are out 2-3mph anyway? Will see on the sat nav at least. Thanks guys :)
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