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  1. 50% front windows 10% rear windows - but it looks different in different lights/angles
  2. lol are we classing the stereo change in a mk2 a mk2.1 here? (curvy stereo instead of the square one?) If that is the case, shouldn't it be a mk2.2.5 :lol:
  3. 8 is the max Ford do... mids and tweeters all round
  4. Does yours have a light in the rear of the car, could be connectors for this.
  5. ABS light doenst come on when the brake fluid is low, the handbrake light comes on
  6. Aye the silver bits are more expensive they are classed as surrounds
  7. You can get them well cheaper then that... I paid like 650 for mine
  8. Personally i would just save up for Eibach... if u buy cheap you'll buy twice... ive had my eibachs fitted for 3 years now nearly and they are still great (although eating my rear tyres - Need to get some camber bolts)
  9. Aye works in my 2l and also in the ST's
  10. Pain in the * * * * to get off then of u ever decide to remove them again... ive got double sided panel tape and its still stuck 3 years later ;)
  11. Aye I have them somewhere, will dig them out
  12. Piper cat back exhaust for me: Little video here too:
  13. Piper Exhaust, they are off the shelf units and bolt on :) http://www.pipercams.co.uk/exhaustshop/ ... ts_id=4338
  14. 1 - Yes 2 - Yes torx screw - available from ford 3 - Yes, but will need something to put extend the exhaust to stop it melting the ST bumper And hello from a fellow Teessider :D
  15. Fair enough, i got a pack from mine (got my car from ford) and it had a checklist of all the optional extra's mine had on (it was a demo car from ford dealer) and sports suspension was ticked in the box :? Althought i would say there is no difference in the rear of the car?
  16. I beg to differ with the comment above about the ST and Titanium with sports pack sit has the same ride hight, as i had mine parked next to an ST, and mine is a Titanium with Sports pack, and there was quite a bit of difference Here's a picture of my car before i modified anything else, but with ST rims on: Edit some better pictures: And standard wheels:
  17. My car is fine on coilovers and st rims... alrhought it can get a bit bumpy in the back with a full car, but nothing harsh
  18. More trouble then its worth swapping the plastic round... your probably better off getting someone to polish out the scratches
  19. Cant see it as an option on the options list :?
  20. You let the lock hang down didnt you when you were switching it over... As above, or you could try and push the rod back in towards the engine of the car, might have just popped out
  21. Yep, had my rear passenger side wheel bearing changed last month (i blame my roundabout speed for that) But aye, the whole thing comes off as a unit, cannot take the bearing out.. and it was like £120 just for the unit :(
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