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  1. Sometimes you have to enable it.... To do this, start the car up, and do one window at a time: Press the window button down and hold it down till the window is fully open and keep it down for 3 seconds... let go.... wait a second.... then pull the switch up to close the window, keeping the button all the way up till it closes and leave it up for 3 seconds then let go This procedure should tune the one touch up and down in :)
  2. If its the pre-facelift.. yes they are the correct bumpers
  3. macachia, If you have the facelift focus, you'll have to get the facelift focus bumpers, as the pre facelift has different headlights:
  4. TBH i wouldnt bother with an induction kit unless your running a turbo... i have a K&N panel filter with a drilled air box... better then any induction kit is
  5. TBF mate... ive been there done that, trust me, it will be cheaper getting a new car... go out get urself a 2.0L and do that up... just like i have done... U will spend thousands on dropping a new engine into your car... you have to change everything from ecu to things like suspension and brakes You havent even thought about the insurance complications to changing an engine... some may not even insure you by doing this yourself and will work out cheaper if u just buy a 2.0 to start off with... Im now 23 and insurance on my car with all mods declared right down to the stickers and this includes my lass on the policy (21 Year old) £700 fully comp including brake down cover.... You can make any car ur own... the car u have now was someone elses to start off with, and u made that ur own... nothing stopping u getting a new car and making that ur own
  6. Buy my car then :P http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1327116.htm
  7. I wouldnt bother, if you want more power, go for a bigger engine... 1.6 engine with them mods and a remap you'll be lucky to get more the 8bhp increase... not really worth it
  8. Very strange... my 2006 Titanium came with it
  9. Sounds like a miss fire.. spark plug leads may be filled with water and not putting the spark through. Erm, you could use a turkey baster or something?
  10. Not all MK2s come with the aircon option (mine has it but is broke for some reason - need to get round to having a look at it)
  11. I dont think anyone got anywhere with this... i only got mine to light up
  12. macachia, Do you already have the bumpers... if your lucky, you may have the brackets already attached to the bumper, in which case you wont need any rivets.
  13. Didnt notice all these new posts (only just paid up again )
  14. Were you wet at the time? (sorry for the dirty sounding comment :lol: ) I know if im in a hurry (and have wet hair still) or its been raining and i have wet clothes, the car tends to steam up while I'm starting the car up, but soon clears away once the heated front screen is turned on.
  15. I have mine displaying in miles and degrees C
  16. the electric shaver type device wont, but i wouldnt suggest the lighter method
  17. My mam has this little gadget... its kinda like a electric shaver, and that gets rid of bobbles, or if your like my brother, he uses a lighter to get rid of them :?
  18. lol... i just had a wheel bearing changed in mine yesterday... not wht i wanted at this time of year... 220 quid that could have been spent elsewhere
  19. The front seats come with it, but not the rear seats (well not in a 3 door)
  20. God knows, just the way it is
  21. Yep, just put a flat blade in the light and it will pop the lense off... as for the bulbs they are just 239 festoon bulb: http://www.ultraleds.co.uk/long-c-101_135.html
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