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  1. Just say "make sure it is topped all the way up till it over flows before setting off"
  2. If they are aligned correct they dont really... you will always get boy racers fitting these into their corsa's and not getting the lights aligned afterwards
  3. Perkins, no it wont, as Miltek do not use a standard fitment
  4. Who is Ruth? FocusBird.... If i was going to get some new rims now, i would be going down the MK2 RS route
  5. This is not part of the MOT test, so as long as the light is pointing in the right direction it will pass :D
  6. Althought the civics have them as standard witout projectors ;)
  7. I think we may get discount at pumaspeed, but i cant remember. About the TDCI, im not sure if it fits or not, give puma speed a ring, they'll be able to tell you ;)
  8. If you find out the Toyo's wear too quickly, get yourself a set of Avon ZZ3's the same grip and noise, but last much longer then the Toyo's
  9. Cheapest place for springs will probably be Tezza and alloys, check ebay ;)
  10. I would say around that for a 2.0 like... as long as you have a free flowing exhaust to go with it
  11. Says it does the 1.8 as well. Anyway, £46 what is essentially a pipe (de-cat) seems a bit overpirced, does it not? Oops, i meant the 1.8. £46 seems about the going rate for a decat :cry:
  12. You can now get a manifold with either a sports cat or decat for the mk2. These are produced by Miltek: Manifold 1.4-1.6: http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/showdetails.php?id=464 1.8-2.0: http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/showdetails.php?id=465 Sports Cat: http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/showdetails.php?id=20 De-Cat: http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/showdetails.php?id=21 Might buy myself a present :lol:
  13. Will be going into the heater matrix for the car heating. Could just put PTFE tape and a new clip on it to sort it methinks
  14. I cant say ive noticed a lot of road noise in mine, and im running low profile tyres at the min. Think it may be down to tyre brands and how much air is in the tyres
  15. http://turborevs.org.uk/ - everyone up here has got theirs from here, no problems with them what so ever.
  16. nope... it will pass just fine
  17. I dont think you need to change the red and yellow fuses round IIRC
  18. Aye so you would have had one axel correct and another axel with two different tyres on ;) Can have one pair on the front, and one pair on the back
  19. Ah you have the other air box... what engine do you have? and what year? Ford seem random with putting the flat and cone types in the mk2 focus
  20. Thats fine, aslong as the tyre is the same across the axal
  21. Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engine_knocking
  22. Do you wait for the lights to go out when on position 2 before moving onto position 3?
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