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  1. Just had a look on their website... i cant read dutch, but they only seem to list a drop of 35mm... As for your question about are they good.... well they were designed for the mk2, as were the eibachs, so i would say they are on par with eachother.... I personally would go with the eibachs as they do a 40mm drop.
  2. Where did you try it... some places such as motorways have a slight gradient to the left, so the water can run off the road!
  3. First thing i would say is go for 18inch or 19 inch... 17's look too small on the Mk2 IMO Them wheels would look nice in 19 inch... im quite into deep dish alloys ATM
  4. Yum... 20's for me then :D
  5. 20's?! - possible.... or scrape?
  6. I was thinking the same thing!! Want to get the st kit and put it on my new mk2
  7. The sport has been out a while like!
  8. Alright Guys, Some of you may know, some of you may not, but im going to be selling my mk1 focus soon and upgrading to a 3dr 2L mk2! :D Cant wait!! Anyhoo, just wondering what the max wheel size can be put on the mk2? Ive got 18's on my mk1 and they fill the arches nicely!! but the mk2 has huge arches... so im thinking 19's 20!? Will also be lowerd on coilovers when i get it aswell :D Cheers Guys James
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