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  1. ill have a play around today
  2. Deffo not air con or anything.... Its drive train related... im with zetecste's idea a about the drivetrain taking up the strain... its as just as the biting point is hit, and sounds like it comes from both sides of the car.
  3. its not that, its the gearbox... as it does it sometimes changing gears... like letting go of the clutch, clunk as it begins to bite
  4. Anyone else's mk2 clunk when letting off the accelerator?
  5. Nope, the clips also clip into the dash its self... will take mine off sometime and take some pictures
  6. aye, its a canny hole, and you will have to cut out all the way to above the steering wheel too
  7. It involves cutting the dash appart... i wouldnt advise this
  8. I got a flip key and a normal key, both with buttons on
  9. I use total fuel in mine, i seem to get better MPG out of it then using BP (im talking standard 95oc here)
  10. I take it you have this one: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0215186858
  11. Will have to trade my focus in for a transit van aswell :lol: Anyone fancy a new drive :lol: :lol:
  12. We know, and your point is.... its an ST look alike... not an st replica ;) There is no need to get wound up by a couple of comments...
  13. Ill be putting the standard rear bumper back on when the tow bar is on mind... Liam, have you got a link to the one you used?
  14. It can be done, Dave did a howto on this... whole thread can been seen at the top of this forum ;)
  15. No one have a tow bar on their mk2 :O
  16. I will be fitting a tow bar to my car soon, to tow the track car about, but there are so many different ones to choose from.. I will be putting the standard rear bumper back on while the tow bar is on, so it wont destroy the ST bumper... Lets see which one everyone else has. Cheers james
  17. Apparently it was something to do with a court case when somone crashed the car and no one could open the doors from the outside as they were all still locked (even though they were supposed to open upon a crash)
  18. asdmds, as has been said... some do some don't, you'll have to get it plugged into the computer
  19. LMAO £20 press one button, even though its already plugged in
  20. It is disabled... but can be enabled using a computer ;)
  21. If it was one of the doors switches though, the car wont lock ;)
  22. If it was a fuse, the light wouldnt work none stop... So your saying the light does not go off at all? This may be different with the MK2.5, myself and stu have a MK2
  23. The lights come on when you turn the ignitino off, and once you lock the car the lights dim out. Now the green backlight on the speedo stayes on for ages :lol:
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