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  1. I have the 123ps in my Grand C-max and it's absolutely fine. Especially since a PCM upgrade last week that noticeably improved low down torque. It's now as lively as my old 100ps MK2.5 Focus, and that's a touch for such a large car. The engine is noticeably quieter and smoother too.
  2. Evening all, I know it's not a Focus but as the Gcm and Focus 3 share the same chassis I thought this might be interesting for someone: After the 1st 24 hours of ownership of our new Grand C-Max Zetec 1.6 125ps, I thought I'd share my opinions and observations. During my research into what model to buy, there was relatively few reviews on the basic and cheapest model the 1.6 125ps petrol in Zetec trim. Well, to be fair mine isn't the most basic as it 'came' with the Zetec Family and Appearance packs, metallic paint (fabulous midnight sky), and the spare wheel kit. So, 1st visual impressi
  3. Just my experience, I had a spark plug explode in my 2003 1.6 ebony on the m25. The entire porcelain but was gone as was most of the nut of the plug. I was towed home and my Grand Father (who used to be a Ford toolmaker), advised exactly the 3rd option lottysvdub advises; hammer chisel over the middle of the remains of the plug (lucky it was protruding 3-4mm or so), and use the chisel as a wrench. It worked perfectly. New plugs fitted and she was purring like a cat once more! Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  4. My 1.8 2007 zetec was thirsty as hell! 18mpg round town!! Around 40 on motorway. Always was lethargic but found throttle body faulty which was replaced on goodwill (!!) Engine felt ever so slightly better but still pinked, had horrendous flat spots around 2800rpm and had no poke. My new 1.6 mk2.5 is a delight! Much more poke, town mpg still low but much better at 25mpg but motorway now high 40s. Got average of 51.8mpg over 100 miles up the m1 last week averaging 50mph, which was great!
  5. I saw one in black today, still looks bland except nice black gloss bumper inserts! But what the hell?!?? They've STILL got drums on the rear!! OMG indeed!
  6. Down. No tall tail lights, ugly wheels, ugly front. Too 'korean' looking. :(
  7. Depends what you want at the end. A 1.6 is fairly economical and cheap to run, so mod it to look cool and feel happy it's not hitting you in the wallet! If you want a rocket ship trade it in for an ST and pay double everything.
  8. Try this: http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h ... 37&bih=636 It should show you how yours might look, albeit with the chrome front end the Titanium has.
  9. Hello mate, take a look here: http://www.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&so ... =&aql=&oq= Google images is the best place to find images of about anything you want to look at! I'm still after swapping my 2011 zetec wheels for a set of titanium's if you're interested at all. Paul
  10. ALL the MK3 alloys are awful in my opinion. It's just a pug-ugly car all over! A new car should 'excite' and this just doesn't do it! The new dash looks nice and in the flesh the car looks better than on paper due to it's large 3D effect bumpers, but the overall shape etc is pants. Then to hear reports that the driving experience is gone :shock: oh dear... Let's hope the MK3.5 addresses these bad feelings...
  11. Hi Ronnie how are you mate? Glad to see you still on the Focus scene! We'll have to get the boys together and meet up for a catch up.
  12. Not me! (for a few years anyway!) Just bagged meself a new Mk2.5 Zetec whilst still available; definitely a better looking machine than the new MK3 imho and from what I hear better driving too! Who cares about blue dials, improved refinement and a new cockpit if it doesn't look and feel like the Focus any more??
  13. Thanks so far guys and gals! I'll give the local stealer a call tomorrow and get a price for activating DDS and I'll report back. As for the price, £9995 all in my good man! John Grosse, Ipswich, all done over the phone with Jack in new car sales. Absolutely faultless transaction, spot on in every way. Just mention my screen name if you get one from him ;)
  14. Hi all, I've just upgraded to a brand new 60 plate Focus Zetec with bluetooth and would like to see if it would be possible to add a few things (bought the car on Ford privilege and was already built!): 1. Submarine interior lighting. 2. DDS 3. Hill Start Assist I understand the submarine lighting is pretty much a straight swap (with a potential feed for a switched live), but what part number for this model focus and price? I saw a Fiesta zetec last week and the ambient lighting looked different from a 2007 ST I've seen previously. My interior light module currently has map reading lights a
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