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  1. i think idling it 30secs is maybe a bit too much, I feel that if your last few meters/feet/whatever before stopping were done while slowing down gently, that would be enough. I do feel a big shake when cutting the engine yeah. It is not only something I can hear, but also feel. Like a plane hitting a bit of wind disturbance :)
  2. yeah I also have those 18" and I like them very much.
  3. my 3 door focus titanium HAS global closing. but no auto door locking
  4. aha I found it in my door :oops: 2.3 bar, 33psi
  5. Does anyone know what the correct tyre pressure is for the 225/40 W R18 tires? I would like to get these http://www.thetyrepressuremonitor.com/aircheckers.asp
  6. i noticed that water builds up underneath the roof spoiler, that's no fault or anything, it is a design feature. water then flows through the side of the car, underneath the glass and comes out at the bottom, on the bumper. but i noticed that my rainwater and carwash water comes underneath the roof spoiler sometimes, and then draws lines on my backwindow, leaving dirty marks. very unpleasant if you just washed the car! now my simple solution would be to squirt a little line of silicon between the window and the spoiler, where they make contact. this would shield it so the water is compelle
  7. mine has submarine lighting but don't worry, it is not worth the hassle or fuss. The effect is only very faint and only visible when in the dark. It is nice, but I wouldn't turn your car upside down to install it.
  8. Mmmm, can you ask your dealer exactly what he did?
  9. ooh boy you are going to get really really really happy very soon now :) the car is really great and the titanium trim is excellent!
  10. hey guys, I'm driving my new car for a few weeks now, everything is going great, very good car imho. the only thing that I hate is the back, it gets sooo dirty sooo quick. A little bit of rain and you have yourself a muddy back. Anything that will help avoiding it. I'm not sure what causes it... Is it the 18" wheels? Is it the lack of mudflaps? Or is it the room underneath the spoiler, that guides the roofwater under the backlights to the bumper? I don't think it's that because the window and the part where the FOCUS letters and boot handle are is also getting equally as dirty. So per
  11. ok, i have a 3dr mk2 titanium I can - close and open the windows with the remote key - one-touch open and close the windows with the two-click-buttons on the drivers side. i said i was gonna check my VIN to see where it was build but i keep forgetting :)
  12. i'm not sure where my car was build and all, but I live in Belgium. I'll try to check the VIN number.
  13. looks very good man, normally i'm not into white cars, but this one looks very subtle!
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