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  1. just if anyone was interested, here's the ptg readings.... Olly
  2. well, went back to the dealer today, and quite pleased with the service. They said they'd strip down and respray the affected panels for free, and if it happened in any other places, they'd do them aswell. They've got it tomorrow and said it should be ready for friday, so we'll see how good their work is. I'm going to take detailled paint readings tonite of the whole car, then again when I get it back. Should be interesting. Olly
  3. if i don't do anything about the lacquer flaking of now, it's only going to get worse, and ford will probably less likely to do anything about it.
  4. would I have to take it back to the dealer who I bought it from? as there is a Ford dealer closer to me owned by the same company.
  5. It's had been owned by the dealer previously as a demonstrator, and it's got both ford stamps in the service book, only problem is that the paint inspection bit in the service book hasn't been recorded.
  6. Hi all, after the recent purchase of a paint thickness guage I found out my car had a full respray. Not a problem I thought, but after giving her a good clean I've found a few area's where the lacquer is peeling off and couple of bits of overspray. I bought the car at the start of the year on finance from a Ford dealer, I was just wondering what my chance are of getting the car replaced (or a refund)? I'm a bit sceptical of getting it repaired as i'm sure the lacquer will start peeling off in other places in the future. Any help greatly appreciated. Olly
  7. nice one, have you got any pics side on? how much tint are on them? Olly
  8. I would be hugely gratefull if any 5dr owners who have tints would be able to post a pic, can't seem to find any. Olly
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