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    Leicester - 3DR Titanium (Aquarius) with MS Design Full Body Kit
  1. The CD player time changed automatically on Friday (5 days after summer time change), it updated itself whilst receiving a travel alert!! Anyways better late than never Russell
  2. Hi I am having trouble in changing the time (adding one hour for summer time). I go into the menu system, adjust the time - then after a few minutes it changes back. I don't know if the system is using RDS time & date. Any suggestions place. Regards Russell
  3. The MS Design Body Kit supplied and fitted by C D Bramall (Leicester) is excellent kit See photos at http://www.com247.net/fordfocus.htm Russell
  4. I am collecting some price data for various regions. What is the typical price being asked for a first time service (1.6 Petrol 12500miles) from the Ford Dealers around the country? Prices in Leicester vary from £124.50 to £160.00 (nearly +30% difference) It pays to shop around! Table of prices and details to be posted on this forum shortly Russell Pictures of New Ford Focus MK2 Titanium with MS Design Body Kit at http://www.com247.net/fordfocus.htm
  5. I am a technical colorist, and have experience paint match problems for Ford and from dealers like C D Bramall. Commercially, Ford attempts to colour macth to best ability and limits variation from one substrate to another (painted metal, to ABS or Plastic bumpers etc.) All substrates (depending on base colour) will appear different if painted with same paint colour formula. The quality (colour temperature) and intensity of light (Lux) will have dramatic effect of the perception of colour, different viewing angles will also give different results. Some paints contain pearl effects, and will appear different colours from different viewing angles. The quality of colour match should be within a reasonable standard and be just acceptable by an average consumer. I have rejected work done by Ford Dealer, saying that the paint colour matching is not to standard and have forced the dealer to respray the car/body kit until paying for the work. Never pay unfront for any work and reject any work that is not satisfactory (This is your consumer rights in the UK and further protection from EU consumer rights). To prove that a paint match is poor, I have access to a portable Spectrophotometer (Similar unit to what Ford uses) which measures the colour and gives a precise pass/fail result. Ford is very strict with their vendors and suppliers and enforce strict standards and heavily chargeback any vendors or suppliers that don't comply to their standards. As consumers we must do the same!! In summary if the paint match looks bad - then it is clearly not commercial and therefore non-conforming. You are entitled not to pay for any work not to standard, demand refund or compensation. You should never pay full asking price for a Ford Car demonstrating poor colour matching on the forecourt - ask for at least £1000 discount, afterall it is a non-conforming product they are selling. Russell Thorpe
  6. Ford has just released software fix (available on disk for Dealers) to fix the problem of the SONY 6CD player locking up. (Enable to eject disks and load new disks when all 6 were previously loaded. The Ford Technical Service Bulletin is 49/05. Russell
  7. I have the new TITANIUM in Aquarius Blue. The MS body kit was coloured matched, but since this is plastic (ABS) it does not match the metal body work exactly. The factory fitted bumpers did not match too. Its a problem with using metallic/pearl effect paints. The viewing angle changes the appearance and also the colour looks slightly different as the daylight colour changes. This is normal and is considered commercial. ABS, fibre class, metal body panels are different substrates and paint up slightly different to each other. Russell PS Stay away from metalic and pearl effect paints if you want a true colour match!.
  8. You didn't press the MAX button by mistake did you? My Air Condioning works fine. I usually use on AUTO setting, at 20oC. Keeps the car nice and cool. Russell
  9. Have managed to get oC on A/C and MPG Following the advice given on here it is possible to get your trip computer to work in MPG and display the temperature on both the A/C and computer in oC. Instructions ------------- 1/ Change to MPG (using imperial / metric selection) 2/ The cycle to OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE on trip computer and press the reset/select button until oC is displayed. This way you can simple switch to oC or oF and still maintain MPG on your fuel displays. Simple - The dealer didn't even know! Thanks Russell
  10. SONY 6CD PLAYER - Only operates correctly when 5 or less discs are loaded! The Ford Motor Company has today issued a broadcast message to all dealers - dated 5/5/2005. It basically says that there is a known problem (not associated to any particular batch), that the Sony CD unit locks up and does not eject the discs. The temporary solution is to disconnect from the power supply (removing fuse), repower up and remove 1 disc. Using 5 or less discs will ensure correct operation. Dealers have been specifically instructed under no circumstances should units be replaced!. How does this effect our legal rights?. The unit is faulty, and Ford have not found a solution to fix it?, probably requires special configuration programming or new chip set. Russell
  11. If you switch to Fuel consumption to MPG, you get oF on computer and on the AC display. I don't think its possible to get oC with MPG. Unless somebody can tell me how? Ford has got this totally mixed up!. I think they need to do a software/firmware update for UK users Russell
  12. 52 Litres X 86p (Leicester Prices) = £44.72 Unless the petrol pumps are outside calibration! Russell
  13. I am only getting around 25-30 MPG (mixture of town and motorway driving!). My old 1.6 got around 45-50 MPG. Can any one offer any advice. I think I need to get the engine examined by the dealer. At this rate a full tank does around 300 miles (Expensive at £45). Russell
  14. Very nice car - same body kit (MS Designs) as mine Photos at http://www.com247.net/fordfocus.htm Russell
  15. Finally arrived and fitted by the dealer, the new FOCUS and TITANIUM logo's. Russell
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