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  1. Hey all Found these whilst browsing so i thought id post them....
  2. thats kits i for sell from Essex Racing.....I love the rear bumper looks really cool, but im not keen on fibre glass kits any way as they always chips to easy...
  3. Dont take this the wrong way but I think you have made a Huge Huge mistake giving the ST a miss and you really dont know what you are missing, trust me the wait would have been worth it....Its an amazing bit of kit....Goodluck with the new car though :)
  4. Are you having a laugh.....Never heard something so Silly.....Sorry
  5. Dennis, I think Mike is right as there a Orane one at Dorchester Ford, Havent seen it myself in dorch driving and im always in dorch, I do like the orange one but dont think i could wake up every morning with it on my drive...
  6. I can also say Im a proud owner of MKII Focus ST and I will admit at first i didnt like the New shape wasnt to keen on it at first but then it grew on me, but i think more than anything its a change and when a car chages so dramatically no one likes a change, for example my mate has a passatt and he didnt like the new ones but it has grown on him as well and its only coz no one likes seeing a car they like so much change, well thats my opinion if yas get me... :lol:
  7. Hey all Just advice to any peeps that are thinking of putting sub & amp is New ST it is a job, I am running my amp of high level speak inputs and trying to get the rear door panels off the interior is a nightmare, anyone have any advice???? Also need to try and run a remote to the amp as im not changing headunit in car ayone know where i can run a remote from??? Would appreciate some help Regards Glenn
  8. The Focus ST2 doesnt have this as standard but I do know its an option that you can have....
  9. Are you very sure about that?? As my mate had a Mondeo TDci Ghia and he has the same stero as me and he has an amp running off it and he hasnt had to change anything.....well not that im aware of
  10. Cool, I have ordered a New JBL Sub and Amp from www.caraudiosecurity.com there prices are really good..... Does anyone know if the Sony CD/MP3 Player in the ST2 has RCA Outputs????
  11. You have made an excellent decision, you wont regret it....When u expecting to pick it up?????
  12. Hey Mike I can confirm that the Focus ST2 CD/MP3 player does play MP3's as I have played a few MP3 disks on it.... Hope this helps.....
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