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  1. dunno about on the sony headunits. but on the dvd sat nav headunits, it generates a different pin code every time... otherwise anybody could pair up every time you park up if the code was just 0000
  2. did you have the bvc connector behind the glovebox already? if so artilliarymans instructions do not apply to you, and you certainly dont need the fiesta loom.
  3. dunno lol, I get through tyres every 6 months on the front! on my 2.0 TDCi engine, lol will probably be sooner at the end of the year if I do the ford 163ps upgrade... increase of about 27ps from 136ps
  4. agreed with premium fuels 0 additives required. i exclusively use premium fuels and my engine is probably cleaner inside than a redex additive would get it alone.
  5. optimax? where did you buy that?.. i cant find it anywhere lol and most places which would have it the fuel would probably be stale by now. Shell only sell V-Power now. you shouldnt shove any additives in V-Power, or BP ultimate because it already has them blended in! so they dont do anything.
  6. but its hard to align Xenons in a fixed position, because that doesnt take into account things like going up/down hills and over speed bumps. thats why it has the self levelling system.
  7. bit inconsiderate though to other drivers surely? I mean ive got halogens.. and I seem to get flashed by other drivers main beams all the time coming towards me. what more if i had non levelling xenons, id be completely blinding oncoming traffic. might seem a bit petty but theres a huge difference in light between halogen and xenon... ive had them in my mirrors before late at night on full beam.. and factory fitted and even those blind me. I realy wouldnt want non self levelling xenons in my mirror, likely to create an accident.
  8. lol yep it is toxic. if it kept coming back then you have a possible fault somewhere. need to find out the error code. wouldnt of been his software... only reason it couldnt reset the DPF is because modules like the additive module are outside of the OBDII standard/protocol.. as are airbags, immobilizers.. door modules, ABS etc. OBDII only really covers engine faults mainly, and network communication errors.
  9. what was the error code?.. did he clear it?.. and did it come back again?
  10. even with 10 wires, they wont work. because it just means you have the xenon/adaptive lighting loom in the engine bay. you also need the other half of the loom behind the dash which has the adaptive/xenon headlamp module.. with xenon it controls the levelling.. and with adaptive lighting it controls the left/right movement. no halogen dash loom.. as far as Im aware supports xenon/adaptive. hence why ford list a separate loom that just does xenon/adaptive but not halogen. easy check would be to look for a connector behind the drivers door pillar kick panel in the foot well... because
  11. dont think it would, the weight is mainly central. and other cars have 4WD systems without it causing too many problems in terms of handling, like the golf, and audis.
  12. oh right lol.. havent played it, only heard of it but sounds great:D .. a true RS500 then lol lol, definitely! i think this would be 1 of the greatest mods you could do to a focus.
  13. lol i didnt get it:S enlighten me? yeah lol, 4WD and the thing would handle great, need a kuga though as the donor car because you would have to take basically everything off the underside lol. and also with the electronic lsd and 4 wheel braking/traction control it would tackle snow/ice/rain with ease. you might need to get rid of the spare wheel well though.. havent really looked at mine but i think its just a welded in panel rather than pressed as part of the boot floor... on the parts catalogue i vagely remember on the ST, showing a panel like some kind of capping plate welded in pla
  14. playing too much forza?:S what do you mean? was just something I was looking into, because it is quite possible to do that mod.. just need a scrap kuga to transplant the stuff from.
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