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  1. Mine took 1 month exactly to come from Spain and then delivered to my house.
  2. Aux maybe turned off Press and hold menu button for 3 seconds Scroll to option Aux Turn On/Off Enjoy :)
  3. AFAIK global open/close is only available on Ghia upwards.
  4. Why are the back bumpers always a better match than the fronts?
  5. Interesting... looks like the RDS has been switched back on. Until recently in the menu was an option to update Clock/Date manually. Fortunately mines less than a minute slow, which I can live with. Maybe disconnecting and re-entering the code will get it back in sync.
  6. Morrisons supermarket seem to be actively involved with increasing distribution. http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/nav?page=c ... ce=4579254
  7. IIRC when I got mine the full size spare wheel was a £30 option.
  8. Would these guys be able to suggest a solution. http://www.incarexpress.co.uk/
  9. A few years ago Ford were going to introduce DAB radios across the whole range but for reception issues it was dropped. I don't know if there are any plans to revive the idea.
  10. Same here - only colour not seen. Anyone got a pic?
  11. Am I right in thinking these are for a door edge indicator and if so anyone have any more info?
  12. Saint Gobain all round. Car from Valencia
  13. How about taking an ignition controlled supply from the central fuse box it's just underneath the glovebox.
  14. Had mine a year now and discovered yesterday that the badge is spring loaded and pulls out about 50mm giving ample clearance of the grill when it is swivelled :wink:
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