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  1. Hi. A mate of mine wants to sell his mk1, and buy a mk2. Looking at a zetec or titanium, 5 door petrol. Any specific things to look out for, and a guy I work with had one were water kept getting to the spark plugs, is this common? Cheers.
  2. You tried asking on the other forums or on the US section on ffoc then?
  3. Subwoofer maybe??? Just going off your idea of speakers. Is there a disk changer/ hdd thing you can get maybe that can connect there? Don't know the mk2's too well.
  4. I'll tell him that the 2l is something he should miss then because he rarely goes past 2k revs. We have a whizzpopper signum at the moment craigc_foci, but then again it's a company car so he doesn't have to bother with any trouble he might get with it.
  5. Bad news...kind of. He has said that it will definitely be either a Focus or an Astra. Tell me some down points of getting an Astra (if you know any), so I can convince him that a Focus is the way forward...not that I'm biased or anything :roll:
  6. I did mention a 1.6 to him (I've got a mk1.5 1.6l petrol and it works fine in the Lakes), think your input will help him decide though. I had a look on Parkers but he had gone out and forgot to show him :roll: Cheers for the info again.
  7. It's not the speed he needs, he is worrying that a 1.6l TDCI with 4 people in it and full of luggage might struggle in the Lake District...he doesn't really use the throttle :lol:
  8. My dad isn't really bothered about the things most of us are bothered about, more comfort, mpg luxuries and looks... a bit (doubt he will be modding though). It's looking like a 1.8l diesel mk2 (2.5 if possible) style or zetec climate.
  9. Think my dad will try and buy from a garage but I'm trying to convince him that private is probably cheaper. Cheers for searching craigc_foci, I'll show him it tomorrow after you have emailed it (just PM'd you). Thanks everyone for the info...will need to convince my dad to join ffoc as well :D
  10. Cheers, is the 1.8l diesel not that good then, or is just purely on speed you are saying to get the 2l? My dad isn't a rapid driver (only ever gone past 2k rev's in his current diesel once) so speed isn't needed, just enough power to get up hills in the lake district.
  11. Hey, my dad's company car goes back late this year or early next year. He wants a smaller car than his whizzpopper Signum and has always liked Ford's and hatchbacks, so a focus was the obvious choice. I don't know much about the mk2 focus so thought I would ask on here to get some advice for him...I would have instantly gone for a mk2.5 petrol zetec climate :D He is after a focus that is: '07 onwards Preferably diesel...1.8l? 5 door Has AC etc, but doesn't need other luxuries like heated seats/cruise control He doesn't drive fast etc so sport suspension isn't necessary either. Cost's less
  12. Yep, ebay sucks for that kind of thing (some people don't have a clue)...according to most the mk1 lights etc will fit the mk2...hmmm, me thinks not :lol:
  13. Always check the discount section before you buy stuff...you know now anyway.
  14. craigc_foci, I ordered stuff on Tuesday and got 10% off and free delivery, I don't know if the delivery was free anyway but the 10% off was because of discount. At the checkout bit, you put in ffocuk and update the order. It's in the discount section, about half way down.
  15. Do you mean normal ones or flat wiper blades. Have a look on this site. FFOC members get 10% off (and I think free delivery) plus free Xenon side lights with orders over £15. (I can only guess though as I have a mk1.5 sorry.)
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