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  1. Sounds like the upgrade my FOCI needs, it too looses power on low revs
  2. Now found that Shell Extra, same price as in my area, which is 85.9 per litre to be best all round, still getting that 600 miles per tank, but when indicating last 50 miles on trip meter still some 4 litres in tank
  3. My 1.6TDCI does 600 miles to a tank :roll: depends on fuel used - see my earlier post comparing different types - supermarket v premium fuels v branded
  4. Was not really impressed with the BP fuel, found better performance with the Shell extra, loaded up with 50 litres got 580 miles with some 20 miles still left to go till empty on trip computer, but only got some 49 litres of tesco city diesel in it tonight. More engine noise than usual, not so fast on 'the foot' either.
  5. My diesel left after a fill with between 48 - 51 litres shows 614 miles of fuel left in tank, my car is a 1600 TDCI, travels 30 miles each day in each direction , mixed speeds between 50 - 70 something ish along a mix of single and dual carriageway, 5 days a week
  6. I have been running my new Mk2 for 3 months now and have used a variety of fuel e.g Supermarket - tesco, sainsbury ,waitrose and the BP Ultimate (very expensive at 94.9 per litre) and the Shell extra diesel at 88.9, frankly I see not a lot of difference - mpg has gone from 51.1 - 52.0 over the last month - six weeks having covered some 4500 miles in my diesel since purchase. The car seems to average about 600 miles per fill up. Any other experiences out there with fuel ?
  7. Er... Focus has never been made in Dagenham? Last car built there was fiesta. Escort was built up in Halewood - don't think any of it would make any difference though. I hate saying this, but British built cars from volume manufacturers have been rather flimsy at best. MG Rover anyone? The intention here was to suggest that when and wherever they are built, they still represent a good sign of progress in volume car production quality - look at Ford cars in the sixties, rust bucket reputation...
  8. Any thoughts on the length of the back wiper blade ? Only seems to clean half the rear screen.
  9. Wonder if it would make a difference if they were still made in Dagenham?
  10. Ordered 29 Jan, but delayed pickup till 5 Mar for new reg - car was built Jan05. Salesman told me he had registered for points when ordered after test drive, so its down to sales person and customer to check. Saw the advert about points at BP in their spares dept !!
  11. My salesman did all the nectar work for me, got test drive 5000 + 2500 for buying fuel at BP, + 15000 for buying car....nearly enough for return flight to New York..just wish I thought about getting car earlier because that would have entitled me to 30000 for buying car
  12. My Zetec badge was not put on straight, must have been a Friday car ?
  13. I drive spiritedly too, mileage now 2500, economy still improving, mine started low too
  14. My MK2 1.6 TDCI Zetec climate is on average 51 mpg on short runs to work, about 35 miles
  15. My old Mark 1 was a few months old when a neighbours friend hit it square on the wing denting both it and the bumper with her off road 4 x 4, causing both to be replaced. Her excuse it was not there when she parked on her friends drive..
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