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  1. Got an email back, its in stock it comes with: supercharger, intercooler brackets silicon hose kit tubes ECU upgrade Price 2550+VAT Said I would need to check if the ECU is the same as the Fiesta...if it is, it will work. Anyone confirm?
  2. Komo-Tec have developed a supercharger kit for the 1.6 Fiesta taking it up to 170 bhp so I guess that would fit fine on to a Focus as well? http://www.rotrex.com/Home/Supercharger ... b36b545a8d I have emailed Komo-Tec directly to find out more details as only their Lotus tuning is advertised on the website...anyone else looked at this?
  3. ...fitted 2 weeks ago, and now have to get a new alloy...I hate british roads!! http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8534/imag0035c.jpg http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/4406/imag0034g.jpg I have emailed the council but it will proboably be like trying to get blood out of a stone, especially as I cant photograph the pothole as the road is too busy. Anyone else suffered pothole damage?
  4. Pirelli P-Zero's on mine. Amazing grip in the dry. A lot of bad reviews in the wet but feels balanced and grippy enough in the wet on the Focus.
  5. Unless you have a MK2.1 with the new rounded 6000 CD player, then its just 4 screws and a screw on adapter :D If you need the adapters Nexxia are very good - http://www.nexxia.co.uk/
  6. http://www.edmunds.com/ownership/techce ... ticle.html In today's automotive pantheon, it's not uncommon to find four-wheel disc brakes as standard equipment on medium-priced, non performance-oriented models. The majority of new vehicles, however, continue to utilize a front-disc/rear-drum brake setup. What does this say about the current state of braking systems? Are these manufacturers sacrificing vehicle safety in order to save a few bucks by installing disc brakes on only the front wheels? While a "yes" answer would certainly be great for increasing Town Hall traffic, the truth is tha
  7. i take it is a petrol then.like the exhaust :D Thanks - has a great sound...but bad MPG!!
  8. That looks good! :D I wasn't sure about the clearance though with the lowering springs as I have to go over a lot of bumps on my way to work, and I got a really good deal on these 17's so ended up just going for it :D
  9. Thanks - its a stainless steel cat-back system :)
  10. I have a 2.1, its a November 07 plate. Came with a rounded CD player and also a cylinder air filter instead of the pad. :wink:
  11. Would have thought the engine would have a lot of new parts to support it unless you ran the turbo at a really low bar. The 1.6 is the same engine in the new Caterhams so your better off taking it to one of the tuning companies. They can tune them up to about 220bhp, it does cost though. If you email shawspeed they will send you a price catalogue, if I ever get the moneyI might get them to tune mine up to about 160bhp.
  12. They are 17". Didnt want to go with 18" because it has been lowered and there isn't a lot of space in the arches and i have to go over quite a few bumps to work everyday so was a bit worried about clearance. Dark wheels are a bit of a love hate thing I guess!
  13. last week...what does everyone think? Wolfrace have a 25% discount offer on at the moment so got a good price on them :D
  14. I was thinking of getting the LED ones as they look decent, but what happens if some of the LEDs burn out, do you replace the whole unit?
  15. Mine flickers on now and then when I redline it. If the engine explodes its just an excuse to get a bigger one. :twisted:
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