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  1. Because I sense epic amounts of fail Stop with the stories Dave and Hannah - you must think we are all stupid! ;) Rich
  2. First off you need to establish exactly what tyre size is on the vehicle now as rim size quoted by the tyre shop is one inch bigger and those tyres will not fit your wheels if they are 15" rims. Rich
  3. You lazy blighter, that cupboard under the sink has a gazillion different types of wipes in it, take some of them out with you ;) Rich
  4. Every 100'000 miles or 8 years according to the Ford Etis system :) Rich
  5. Charlie it would appear you have not considered the content of my reply in full, :( I have very clearly explained the reasoning behind the decision. You have asked what has changed in the last 2 years ......the answer is sadly nothing :( We had hoped it would bring more CMax owners into the club but it has not, the majority of those that post in here ONLY post in here and nowhere else on the forum. That right to post in here has been free until now where as those that wished to post in other model sections have had to pay for that right, all we are doing now is bringing this section into line with the rest of the forum! :) We knew there would be disgruntled CMax Owners as a result of this but there are those that are disgruntled about having to pay to post in the ST/RS/Diesel sections whilst CMax Owners post for free - we can never please all of the people all of the time. Wether you choose to go to shows or not is entirely up to you, I will again reiterate that the club isnt just about the forum and shows. You state that being in the trade you get your parts at a discount already, if you were to peruse the discounts section you would see that there is an awful lot more discounts than on just parts. ;) We have discounts set up with various insurers that would save you way more than your membership fee right off the bat. :) Oooh get you........not getting pissy are we :?: Nothing pissy about it, Ronnie was merely making a suggestion. :) Odd that. I paid for my membership of focusowners too, just because they did not make it compulsory. :wink: That is absolutely your choice, as Ronnie has explained there are software limitations preventing us running a forum only membership system at the moment but it isnt forgotten about. It is disheartening seeing some of the snipes posted here when we are trying our best to please everyone :( . We are not forcing anyone to pay up, as I have stated on numerous occasions we are just bringing this section inline with the rest of the forum but thank you for your kind wishes. Hmmm thanks for that! :) Rich
  6. Well as I suspected the announcement has raised a number of questions so I will do my best to address them all. :) You are correct in what you say, the Cmax section did go to members only when the rest of the forum went over to paid members only. The decision was reversed at the time in an attempt to generate more interest in the Cmax section. I am sorry to hear that there have been posts inferring that you should pay up or push off, I can assure you that that is not what would I would wish to see anyone posting and feel free to notify me of any such posts so that I may deal with them accordingly. There are some very knowledgeable people who post in the technical sections of the site, you may have recieved more responses in there as it tends to just be Cmax owners frequenting this section. The other sections of the site such as the RS sections, ST sections and Diesel sections have been members only ever since the origional switch over in 2006. :) Andy that is absolutely your decision and I certainly would not attempt to disuade you from it, I am however sorry to hear that you feel this is the course of action you must take. I am sure there are plenty of cars out there that you may not consider to be worthy of joining an owners club but its a safe bet there probably is an owners club for them. It is not about making money at all - how would we be making any money? As you suggest everyone should leave so how would we make any money? :? I have said it before and I will say it again for your benefit that any money that comes into the club is ploughed back into the club to benefit the members. Bob, again it is your choice wether you choose to join or not, we are not forcing anyone to join up. I fail to see why you are objecting to the announcements locking :? If you have a look elsewhere on the forum it is common practice that any such announcements are locked. The forum is still available for you to post up your distain so why the objection? :? Andy, during your time as a member you did have access to all of the site and forum. I can only apologise if you did not recieve a reminder at the time of your membership expiry. This is something we have tried to address, and expiry dates are now included within your account details on the top of site buttons. We do endeavour to send out email reminders too but a lot of ISP's have been blocking our mail and classifying it as spam due to the volume we send out be it reply notifications or reminders. I reiterate noone to my knowledge is of the opinion that "if you dont like it you can sod off" , it isnt a decision we arrived at easily - as you say we cannot please everyone all of the time. A system for donation/ forum only membership has been discussed on numerous occasions and it was decided not to implement it at this time. Jack, thank you for your input - it is however a little misguided. The statistics you see on the home page are merely registrations on the site as opposed to fully paid members. None of us get paid for the work we do for the club and noone is out of pocket as a result of the work they do. This isnt just a website and forum though, there is a lot more to the club than just the website and forum. Anyone wishing to see the books can get them from companies house as with any Limited company. :) I would hope that other forums do not run at a loss, IMO they would be foolhardy to do so. You could call them dedicated I guess but I certainly could not afford to run a site of this calibre out of my own pocket. We are on a dedicated and more importantly fast and stable server which is looked after by our unpaid webteam to keep everything running as smoothly as possible with maximum uptime. As I stated earlier the books are available from companies house if you wish to peruse the clubs accounts. Simon, you never fail to dissapoint ;) :lol: The reason for this was to bring it inline with the other model sections of the forum, as you well know the ST section, RS and diesel section etc are paid member posting only, why should the Cmax section be any different? By reopening the Cmax section in 2006 we had hoped that it would attract more members into the club but unfortunately it hasnt. Very few of the Cmax owners who post have become paid members, now I am not for one minute suggesting that any of them are freeloaders and I apologise if it comes across that way - I can assure you it is not my intention. The majority of those who do post in this section ONLY post in this section, basically those that have paid up have subsidised those that havent and to me that isnt particularly fair. Membership is as you state £20 a time though a discounted rate is available if you join for 2 years at a time. You do recieve a fair amount of stuff in the membership packs and unfortunately it does all cost money, as do the christmas presents that we send out each year to the paid members. Apologies for the long post, I hope it has answered all your questions sufficiently and I note that in the time it has taken me to compose this Ronnie has replied :lol: Regards Rich FFOC SMT
  7. Nope, sorry Naughty James - get your facts right! :P :lol: Rich
  8. Yes we do - please see the Torquesteer section down the bottom of the forum :) Rich
  9. Sorry to hear about that! :( I can assure you the majority of members on here are a friendly bunch and wave at fellow members lol Rich
  10. Almost certainly out of the aircon system mate! :( Rich
  11. Welcome back bud! :D Hope to see you at some meets soon! :D Rich
  12. If you're a member go here. Rich
  13. I really hope this aint a for sale advert! ;) Cant help you with the paint code I am afraid - IIRC the ST orange is actually a Lamborghini colour so may not be particularly cheap to buy - especially considering it is an £850 option on the new ST! ;) Rich
  14. Exactly what Karen said! :roll: Milltek/Pumaspeed are designing and making up an exhaust system for the new Focus ST, If everything goes okay the systems should be available to buy in a few weeks time. They can be contacted on the phone numbers given if you wish to register your interest in getting one of these systems. Rich
  15. From what I gather its only a small tubo and the usual big power gains from chipping Volvo lumps wont really work on it! Sorry boys! ;) Rich
  16. Locked! Will reopen when the prepubescent leaves! :) Rich
  17. Road Angel 2 and a NavMan620 by the look of it! :) Car looks great Russell! Think it needs to be a touch lower but apart from that its spot on! :D:D Great to see the new shape being modified already! :D Rich
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