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  1. Jon not sure if this helps but this is the hands free kit that I have, it basically plugs in the radio wiring loom so the sound is through your stereo speakers & it will connect to blue tooth phones. http://nds1.nokia.com/phones/files/guid ... _UG_en.pdf http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nokia-CK-7W-Blu ... B000621SKS
  2. Contact these guys they are the UK dealers. http://www.msdesigndirect.com/section.p ... =8&xPage=1
  3. The headlamps are the factory fitted adaptive lighting available at the time Sorry I do not have a photo of the car without a body kit or the wheels on there own as this is how I picked up from the dealer.
  4. They fit straight on without any need for adaptors or spacers The only thing I found with them was they sat inside the arch a bit to much so spacers would bring them out to fill the arch a bit more, get ready for some people to tell you it will damage your wheel bearings, however as you can see I have AEZ 19" alloys on my focus now, which are TUV approved with a ET38 which has increased the track by 40mm (equivalent of 20mm spacer each side) this has not effected the wheel bearings in anyway. But I dare say some one on here will tell me different. Here are the wheels your looking fo
  5. Yes they will fit fine the MK2 has lots of space in its arches, thanks for the nice comments.
  6. My 19" AEZ Excite Dark have a 38 offset with 235x35x19 tyres & the car is lowered 30mm they fill the arches right out without any rubbing issues. The wheels are also TUV approved, when I went to buy them the wheel & tyre company told me they wouldn't fit untill I discovered they were TUV approvved then they had to eat there words :lol: They give the ST a 40mm wider track like the new RS without having to flare the arches :D
  7. I would get a plate welded or bonded to the inside of the door skin or the filler will fall out.
  8. If I remember correctly there is one lug at each end of the trim that lines them up straight in a hole at each end of the door.
  9. I have it on my ST as an option from new & it seems to work OK, however on the very few occasions it does not activated just do what alangla suggested above & they return to normal operation. :D
  10. That's rubbish about the pads not being available to customer over the counter, I bought genuine Ford front brake pads for my ST from my local ford dealership last year & got Torque of the Devil (there the only people I will allow to touch my car) to fit them while doing the steering pump recall, all it cost me was £30 labour plus the price of the pads. Go to your local Ford dealership by the genuine pads (a lot of people complain about brake squeal with after market brake pads) find someone else to fit them for you at a sensible price or better still fit them your self. £135 to fit
  11. No problem as I said the 7 spoke Ford alloys are the best wheels for the MK2 by a mile so wise choice, the only reason I didn't put them on my ST was that it may have look strange putting wheels availble on other models on a ST.
  12. First thing I done when I got my ST3 was remove the fuse from my head lamp washers, the washer jets are a total waste of time it cleans no dirt of the headlamps without a wiper, why they bought this stupid law in with HID lights I will never know. The only thing that happens is you loose all your expensive screen wash with little or no cleaning of the head lamp glass, if you spray your windscreen with just water & screen wash its totally infective until you operate your windscreen wipers, so why should you light glass clean by just spaying water at them :roll:
  13. My first MK2 Zetec Climate (Best MK2 wheels by a mile) Current ST3 From 18" Mondeo ST 220 Wheels To 19" AEZ Excite Dark which really fill the arches & look great IMO
  14. Hi Mike The colour match looks a mile out now so I would get it re sprayed as they might get the match closer than Fords have :D Lovely looking car by the way.
  15. Sorry to hear this news after you had done so much work on your car. :cry:
  16. My ST 220 wheels are still for sale £500 with good tyres if your interested?
  17. Have you got the ST bumper yet? I am thinking of putting the new shape rear ST bumper on mine I might be interested in selling you my old ST bumper at a sensible price :D
  18. Just press the reset button & it will then give you your current MPG if you don't use the reset button it will give you the average MPG since the last reset.
  19. I don't like the ST wheels that's why I got rid of mine straight away, I think your wheels will look OK in the flesh, a lot of people didn't like my AEZ 19" wheels until they saw them on the car photos don't always do wheels justice.
  20. Love the front bumper looks like the colour match is hell of a lot better than fords efforts on the original. Upper grill looks ace with the mesh black. :D Not a fan of the stripes but I don't like any strips or graphics on any car except a GT40 or a Viper were they are supposed to be, wheels look OK but need to see them in the flesh as I think they will look better. :D
  21. That is a possibility I am afraid I hope not but it could be. :cry: I have found one of the threads concerning the problem from 2006, it has an lot of posts to read but it might help explain it better, a lot of these guys never got there cars, the early orders got through but once the waiting list got to big Ford were cancelling broker orders right left & centre. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... oker+order
  22. But Ford would not supply there own dealers with ST's unless they had prove the order came direct from a personal customer ordered in the dealership, Ford actually cancelled all broker orders via all there dealerships, trust me this happened to an awful lot of people posting on this forum they ended up with no car. A few others will remember this as well, it affected my order I had to wait from February to June to get my ST & I was a genuine order from the dealership, Ford actually cancelled my first order because the dealership filled in the paperwork wrong & Ford thought it was a b
  23. This happened with the original ST Ford delibertely held back supply to companies like drivethedeal who may offer discounted deals. You cant blame Ford if they have more orders for the new Focus models than they can deal with from there own dealers, who will be selling the car at list price or with very small discounts, Ford are not likely to supply companies offering cheaper deals than there own dealers. Most people who had this problem with the ST ended up giving up & getting there deposits back as they were never going to get an ST via a broker. Not sure what model you have ordere
  24. Hi Dan Yes my first MK2 was Tonic, I have also updated photos of the red ST to its latest look :D
  25. Looks great Just paint the mesh on the upper grill black it will look fine, you also need the smoked head lamps to finish it of. :D
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