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    East Kilbride Drives: Aquarius Blue Focus Mk2 Ghia
  1. Maybe not, but once checked I might if the price was right.
  2. That's on fit to make baked bean cans. SCRAP. Engine and wheels might be ok though.
  3. If you use the A/C frequently the smell does start to go away. Sometimes it does reek though, I got the A/C cleaner from the £1 shop which is highly praised and works a treat.
  4. Is this at idle or on the move. My 1.6 sounds quiet on both counts, just a little rough when cold at idle.
  5. bomb55, do you have a boot full as it's sitting pretty low at the back. akingcool, That's what I was thinking. My front on my ghia looks about the same as above. Must be the angle because it looks like a truck sometimes. and no they aren't fitted yet LOL. :(
  6. I guarantee the front guards will scrape on speed bumps in car parks etc. They sit quite low as they are, if you measure a further 30mm they are very low. Lowering just the back isn't advised as the springs will be far stiffer and the car would become unstable.
  7. They don't look bad for the price. CLICK I take it they would just replace the rubber covers on the clutch and brake and fit over the accelerator?
  8. I have a PiperX replacement filter in my aribox and there is no sound difference. The filter has to be open to get the sound. ie drilled airbox or induction kit.
  9. I notice it on my 1.6 but not very much unless I'm flooring it everywhere. It was a far different story in my old MK6 1.25 Fiesta, you actually felt the car slow down like you had taken your foot of the accelerator. :lol:
  10. Nice, might buy one and paint it aquarius. 8)
  11. Nice little mods there. 8) Toureg plug is a nice touch.
  12. Don't fit the ST reat unless you're getting a duplex exhaust to go with it as it'll look daft. If I was to do it I would fit ST front and sides with standard facelift rear.
  13. The amount of muck and grit the flap catches is astonishing and I'd never have another car without them.
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