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    ESSEX, in my C-max Ultima
  1. Its the thruth. You can programme the key to open the doors but a trip to fords and a link up to WDS is needed to start the car with it.
  2. I supplied the springs to Elite in rainham and they did mine. No worries. Not sure about 18s though. Ive still got 17 inch machined.
  3. Had my pump replaced under warranty..... all work Great now!!
  4. I've got the same problem on mine!! Will sort it out when I go in for next service too!
  5. I did mine no problem. I just kept the car blocked and EPB disengaged. Not for the faint hearted though!!
  6. Hi folks, I have the new sony head unit in my C-max. For a couple of days it has been crackling a little on both CD and Radio and intermittantly going silent. It is now silent permanantly. It lights up fine, all the staitions work, cd works...just no sound at all. Kind of crackles back to life when I leave it on all the time but only for a second or two. Any ideas? I have booked into fords for next week...hope warranty covers it!
  7. There is a lever on the backside of the light that you simply push across.
  8. Funny...I had that few weeks ago!! Going in for a serice this saturdy so taking a list!! Wonder if Mastertech can shed any light?
  9. So does nobody know how/where to place the black tape on a standard light C-max????
  10. I am lucky and have Xenons but a friend of mine wants o know how you know where to stick the beam deflectors on his c-max lights. There are no markings? Thanks in advance.
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