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  1. ok if u say so this is a bit old now dont you think!!!
  2. look why are you being nasty it not nice being slaged off bout your spelling if u understand it where the problem!!!!! :evil:
  3. thanks dave not in to blond hair blue eyed blokes nether so we ok!! lol stop with my spelling im dyslesick dont no how to spell ok!!!!!
  4. i didnt no how to do picture. after post we had a private chat through this as we are in similare position so i asked about how to do pic he said he would do it for me if i emailed him the pic. he seams like a nice bloke shame he has been s**t on i have had to change my password now so he dont no it and get in to my account.
  5. ok thanks guys i have spoken to my merchanic but he said to send it back to ford as it shouldnt do that. would i be able to clean it my self if so where is it ???
  6. i have had this wiered thing happening in my car. every 20 min say my car will shiver and make as if it gona cut out but doesnt. i dont no if it to do with the fan or is it a problem? im not to hot on this part of my car!!, when i had my old car it started to do it and some times towards the end it would cut out forno reason they said it was injecters so i got rid of it for this car i love. any one no what im going on about ?
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