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  1. I glued my tweeter into the tweeter cover already provided with the car. Im sure you will be able to purchase it from ford. do you want to buy my standard ford tweeters?
  2. yeah same, its just taking off the door card
  3. Heya, Im in the process of writing up a complete guide on replacing the focus mk2 door speakers + tweeters. you should be safe with another tweeter, why do you want to fit new rear tweeters?
  4. Alright guys, I have finally decided to buy myself a Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia, and just had a question. I was thinking about lowering the car using Eibachs Lowering Springs (30/35mm), could I also just fit the 18" ST wheels with the ST discs and pads straight to the car. Or does lowering cause issues with the larger wheels? Thanks Ben
  5. So overall its probably worth paying the bit more, and purchasing a titanium with all the features, to do up.
  6. doesnt the Zetec models have what it calls "sport" suspension rather that the titanium which is more designed for comfort. Am I wrong?
  7. Newcott, Cool mate, Im near Dartford. Im guessing the ICE pack would be the stereo equipment. Which I dont need becuase im planning on replacing all the speakers, then adding my double din kenwood sat nav together with my sub. Though the sport packs is a defo. What do you think about this? Could you give me your thoughts. 2006/07 MK2 1.8 Petrol Zetec Possibly Climate. Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System. Brand? K&N 57I Induction Kit Lowering Springs 30mm? Brand? Spark Plugs and Ignition Leads Possibly Chip / remap? Cheers Mate Ben
  8. Good evening people. I have a question to get help from the people in the know. Im in process of buying myself a Mk2 06/07 plate Focus but cant decide on which version. My hopes were to buy a 1.8 Zetec Petrol and spend money on an induction kit, full exhaust system, and the usual upgrades (ignition leads, spark plugs etc.) And ofcourse looks. but there are not that many 1.8's around. Can anyone else recommend a model and litre to go with if im making a mistake with the 1.8. Would love an ST but budget wont allow it. Or am I making a good move with a 1.8. Any Suggestions? Thanks. Ben
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