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  1. yup that sounds right to me ive had 3 focus and a couple of fiestas and they have all done it ( all have abs fitted). mine tends to happen just as im about to change gear and makes it sound worse lol
  2. Brake assist is a pump that helps give the brakes a extra kick when it detects that you are stopping quickly. Works very well! And the auto lamps every ford i have put in Etis says it has it i guess its to do with the interiar lights or something
  3. Here is my door scuff plates on my current silver sport TDCI Here are some on my old black mk2.5 i had they stand out better They are very nicely made fit very well and have stopped shoe/boot scuffs on the door sills You only get them for the front 2 doors they have focus stamped in them
  4. I have the same problem with my car I have a focus sport 11 plate 110bhp 1.6 tdci but most insurance companys show it as a 90bhp one. you just have to change it when doing quotes
  5. my 1.6 dtci 11 plate is getting around 57ish round town and over 60mpg with i hit the motorway or a roads. much better than the 25-30 odd i was getting on the 1.8 petrol 10 plate i had
  6. From the Ford brochure, Features for style. 16" Design wheels Electrically-operated and heated door mirrors with side turn indicators and body colour housings Perimeter Alarm CFC-free air conditioning Trip/ fuel computer Remote audio controls Sporty instrument cluster design with satin aluminium-finish trim rings Aluminium-finish interior door handles and handbrake release button Roof curtain airbags For the Zetec. Same as style plus, 7x16" 5-spoke alloy wheels Quickclear heated windscreen Comfort suspension Perimeter Alarm Sport-style front seats Dark headlamp surroun
  7. mail ordered just plug it in up load new map and then unplug i believe
  8. No getting a Zetec but with the sports pack so different alloys was looking at a 2nd hand st but expensive running costs and got a cracking deal on the zetec too so opted for that. Maybe a ST in 2 years when the finance agreement is up
  9. cheers Phoebian, car looks good got the same on order but with different wheels :D
  10. i have eagle f1's and find them very bad in wet or even a lightly damp road and the car does not like to turn under any power what so ever.
  11. Thats what i was thinking have you got them on all four corners? Does any one have the door sill scuff plates? are they worth the £60
  12. hi guys and girls, I will be picking up a nice shiny new 2.5 focus next week and off to the dealer today to finalise paperwork etc. it will be a panther black the question is should i get mud flaps fitted to save the paint work? Does anyone have pictures of a panther black with mud flaps? Also door sill are they worth the money they look good but will water rest under them and rust? Cheers Pete
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