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  1. This color in Taiwan we called it bamboo green. Do you think it Ok? But it's rare on the roads. We also have this color [/code]
  2. It can be enabled the auto-locking feature in Taiwan. But it's not authorized by ford. The way is just like the above people said. Use the WDS. But i don't know the exact procedure.
  3. We have the imported MK1 focus in Taiwan. The mk2 are made in Taiwan.
  4. It's really nice to be here. I hope I can share with you guys much more about the new focus in Taiwan.
  5. link to http://www.myfocus.com.tw/focus5Dr/VRML/3D_exterior.htm you can see the yellow focus. Link tohttp://www.myfocus.com.tw/ you will see the all series focus including the newest 1.8 5d. link tohttp://www.myfocus.com.tw/focus5Dr/VRML/3D_interior.htmyou can see the interior of 5d. 4D all abouthttp://www.myfocus.com.tw/focus4Dr/main.htm interiorhttp://www.myfocus.com.tw/focus4Dr/VRML/3D_interior.htm Enjoy it.
  6. Now 2005 focus all have sunroofs.4D(1800cc) has 3 choices of inner equipment and only the lowest price without lower bumper and side skirts.5d(2000cc) only has one type. I am the yellow one's owner (5D s2.0).The price is about $ us 21300 (without insurance and tax). 4D is a little cheaper and have more equipments like one more air bag or something. I will find some pics of it to show you .
  7. That's a MK II's Uni0n so..... We have 4-door and 5-door here.And they are made in Taiwan. Not import.
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