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    Feldkirch, Austria...anyone interested in a cheap holiday ;o)
  1. I live in Austria and we often get sub zero temperatures. My advise would be as above using either concentrate wiper fluid or if you can get hold of it -30 wiper fluid premixed (thats the number 1 seller over here). I prefer the -70 stuff that I'm using at the moment :twisted: ...never had any problems with it :wink:
  2. I live in Austria and it gets bloody cold over here. :shock: I've had this problem once and it was due to the fact that the pump froze up. The remidy I used was -40C wiper fluid :twisted: . Not sure if you can buy it premixed over in the UK but over here it's very common in the local B&Q type shop (5l containers). I've not had any problems since :D
  3. Any chance you have the finnis for these rails....that water is a pain in the * * * * :idea:
  4. Longest trip was a 1700 mile round trip to Derby.....from my house in Austria :D my advice, if you ever get the chance, is to avoid driving in France...boring, toll roads everywhere and very very very flat (unless your heading to the Alps that is :wink: )!!!
  5. doesn't that depend on the tint %??? see link for more info.... http://www.vosa.gov.uk/vosacorp/reposit ... =4a3f162b6
  6. Hi All, Well I got my new (well new for me anyway) flip key :D . Went to my local Ford garage to find out how much it would cost for the key to be cut and programmed and this is what I was told Cutting € 24 (£ 22)+ about € 20 (£ 18 ) P+P (they don't do it in house) Programming € 40-50 (£ 36-45) As you can see the price for programming is pretty good as they only charge for the for the time they take to do it, 20-30 mins. But the cutting is a bit on the pricey side :shock: . Now I'm in no major rush to get the key cut so what I'm thinking is that I could have the key sent
  7. Thanks for the help, saves me from making a costly mistake :)
  8. Found a few threads....not sure if this is of any help. :? http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... conversion http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... conversion
  9. Could anyone confirm for me if a C-max front grille will fit my focus front grille? I have a 2005 TDCi and the C-max is a 54plate
  10. My '05 1.6TDCi has done 86000km (53000m) :wink:
  11. Hi all, Does anyone know if you straight swop the plastic and metal wiper blades? I have the plastic version and my wife broke the wiper arm :roll: and I'm looking at getting a new one ya see but I've seen a few for sale with the metal blade. Obviously this won't be a problem if I get the blade and arm together but if I get the seperate and want to make sure I don't pick up the wrong one. Any info greatly appreciated :wink:
  12. Ok, well this morning my wife came to start the car but not a great deal happened. Let me start of by saying we have a '05 1.6tdci before I go any further. I wasn't actually there so I don't have a full account of what happened. She has told me that she turned that car over and all the lights came on and it sounded like the computer at the back of the dash was making some very strange sounds. She did actually call me and asked her to tirn it over so could here what was going on and it sounded like a moped was racing passed but she told me that the noise was the car :? Anyway she managed to
  13. I have aproblem with my rear wiper.....it isn't working :!: I used it on friday and it was fine. Came to use it on Saturday, as it was still persisting it down, and it didn't work :? Has anyone got any ideas as to what it could be as everything else seems to work fine. oh and by the way it's a 1.6 2005 TDCI....not that I think would make a difference :)
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