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  1. Just wondering if it's possible relatively easily? I know the Mk2 Focus and Mk3 Mondeo (2001 - 2007) share a few parts and leather interiors out of Mk3 Mondeos are significantly cheaper than those from Foci! Possible?
  2. lol I know what you mean mate - my sister has a Ka and it's like it's been neutered!
  3. To be honest, I don't really feel any difference in my 2.0 TDCI. The air con on the PSA diesels only steals 4 - 6 bhp so it's not exactly terrible! I still wouldn't run with air con on if I'm doing a 0 - 60 though!
  4. Yes, I've got the 2.0 TDCI mate. The 1.6 is actually a lovely engine, very petrol-like. It's the same one used in the Mini Cooper D. I'm sure there are plenty of happy 1.6 TDCI owners but the record, on this forum at least, has been quite sketchy. I've read of people having replaced up to 4 turbos on them due to oil feed starvation problems!! Having said that, every engine has its weak points and you only normally hear the bad cases, not the 1000s of good ones. I'd still try and stretch to a 2.0 TDCI if possible - it's a far superior engine to the rest with noticeably more grunt over the 1
  5. Yeah there is a common fault - the 1.6 TDCI! It's a notoriously unreliable engine compared to the others with multiple turbo failures, clutch problems, etc. Much better bet would be the 2.0 TDCI or, failing that, the 1.8 in term of reliability. Assuming it's reliable, though, the 1.6 is a far superior drive to the 1.8.
  6. Yup some of my friends have commented that my engine's running "cold" - it's always just always about 11 o'clock when up to temperature. It's normal :)
  7. Check the EGR valve to see how clean it is.
  8. First off, the headlights you've bought are probably Xenons. The 10 wire loom is for Xenons. If you have 7 wires, these won't work. If you bought a HID kit, it would be illegal as you don't have a way of autolevelling them. Therefore, it'd fail its MOT. If you just have the standard halogen lights with 7 wires, you really don't have much options for upgrading apart from the aforementioned angel eyes or a proper HID Xenon kit, which is several hundred quid.
  9. As Triggster said, you can swap every panel from the ST to the regular Mk2s if you want.
  10. It sounds pretty awesome but my biggest concern would be: weight. Bolting all that extra weight onto the Focus might dampen its sharp dynamics a bit. I know you'd get a lot more traction but, through the corners, you might lose some directness. I could be wrong - a lot of the weight would be fairly central.
  11. Sounds really interesting. I, for one, would be VERY interested in 4wd. I see this Focus eventually becoming a project or track day car when I finally get round to buying something else (which won't be for a while yet :) ) First on the list is definitely injectors and pump. Would also be interested to know if they uprated the intercooler? I know the standard intercooler is quite over-rated as it is so it wouldn't surprise me if it was left unchanged. Look forward to the ETIS update 8)
  12. Yeah no problem mate - look forward to getting them :D And if you see them up on the Parts for Sale section, it's only because I came to the same conclusion as you did! :lol:
  13. If it's of any help, my 2006 Titanium has all the wiring for Xenons and adaptive lighting and also has the washer fluid level sensor installed. Due to the mysterious ways in which Ford work, it isn't enabled so I don't get a warning when the level's low :roll: However, when I tried out a Mk2.5 level 2 cluster that I'm getting coded to my vehicle, it displayed the low washer level warning which then went when I topped it up! Got to love how Ford work these things out :lol: RB2004 is right. The pre-facelift STs were based on the Titaniums so we have most of the wiring for all the nice extra
  14. They haven't actually yet, but I'll keep a lookout 8) Totally forgot but have just refunded your tenner for that grille. Somewhere between you and me, Royal Mail have a chrome Focus grille in their depot! :roll:
  15. I prefer the smoked LED ones or the clear lense ones on the Mk2.5 over the standard Mk2 tail lights :oops:
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