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  1. Pretty much. So far got Side skirts - £90 Front Bumper - £110 Front back Fogs / ST Side badge - £50
  2. Been watching stuff over ebay the last 3 months... missed out on some damn bargains due to phone not going off!! Sideskirts for 99p, bumpers for £5 lol. A whole front end (Xenons, bonnet, winggs, bumper, grills, rear bumper for £300 - would have had to rent a van to get it though) Bought some sideskirts for £95ish delivered.. Might be nicking mums ST spoiler off her Zetec S lol. No cheap bumpers about at the moment! Looking to pay around £150 for both bumpers with grills. Seen some cheap ones go through.. in no rush so fingers crossed! Seen a couple of ST-2 interiors sell for betwe
  3. you would have thought they would have done a better description... if it is truly a rally car! +1 on the dodgy
  4. not really, never going to be a rocket ship plus money down the drain imo. if you're on about engine mods that is.. may as well make it look an st on the outside
  5. Who has made their MK2 into an ST replica and how much did it cost? Just exterior.. Was wondering :)
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