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  1. Keep the badge on, just stick a TDCI badge on as well and get to work on the engine. Make it what ford should do, awesome looking fast ford diesel car. Audi have done it with the TT. And theres this... http://www.autotrader.co.uk/EDITORIAL/C ... na_d3.html
  2. I'll give you my details and you can wire it to me :D Or dmb badges?
  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ive not done this, but im sure there is a hole in the fire wall for all the cables to run through. Behind the glove box area.
  5. An exhaust wouldnt be a bad idea. Sporty sound. But lowering it is a very good idea :D so glad i did :D
  6. I take it back, there isnt loads different, its just the back end. and the notch in the bonnet would drive me mad.
  7. Wow thats different looking! :? sorry buddy but im not a fan. So many distinctive focus features are gone. Is this what is was like when the mk1 guys saw the mk2 released?
  8. nightcrawler, great minds think alike. i have tried this, i was bored so fancied a project so i bought a pod and gauge off ebay. Found out it doesnt fit at all (52mm to big), so decided to make it fit. i never got round to finishing it as i decided not long after i wanted to get an ST with the real thing and didnt wanna fit something in my car that could affect its resale value.m(still saving for the ST) I might just finish it and see if anyone wants to buy it lol.
  9. Yes it would fit if you have the dashboard tray already installed. (search dash slash in these forums if not) and then you can only get the lights to work. the turbo and oil gauges are electric coming off the STs ecu i think. you could fit a mechanical gauge ?
  10. hmmm, i have no choice but to go budget lol. simple cant afford replacing 19"s with decent tyres. i bought the alloys and sold my old wheels to get some money back but when it came to replace the tyres i was quoted nearly 500 and still over 250 for budgets. Then i found tyretraders.com, 120 for a pair!!! bargain then get a garage to fit them. I dont really thrash around as i spend most of the time avoiding potholes but the tyres seem perfectly fine. jon.
  11. That looks awesome. Though alloys suggest not rally spec.
  12. A little squirt of wd40 should help, push the pedal down a few times to make sure it gets it there. As for the light coming through, duck tape lol. or the cover needs clipping in or something.
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