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  1. Mine's a 2008 2.0 TDCI. I don't go with 'one size fits all' plug and play chips. Can recommend Angel Tuning (http://www.angeltuning.co.uk/engine-rem ... uning.aspx) which I had done about 18 months ago. They do a custom remap for your vehicle plus a decent air filter for about £300. (As MC-Junior says, you need to spend for the sake of the engine). They do a test drive, diagnostic, download and adjust the files, upload the remapped files then do a final diagnostics and test drive. Worked for me! Good luck. Phil.
  2. A non-working horn IS an MOT failure. The most probable cause is loose earth connection - check the firmness of all connections including the horn body to bracket/car. If no-go, check you have power at the horn when the steering wheel switch is pressed (a volt meter across the connections). If power, you need a new horn - if no power then either switch in steering wheel is faulty or a wiring problem. Either way, next level of expertise up! Fingers crossed!
  3. That's a useful thread, Tezza. Thanks a lot. Have had the car a couple of months now and have installed reversing sensors and extra boot lights so now for something a bit more ambitious! Mine is automatic and the rear drums grumble when releasing the brakes a little to creep forward and I reckon discs will stop this.
  4. Anyone have anything on rear brake drum-to-disc conversion for a Mk 2 (08)? Cheers
  5. 50 % fold-in is about right. They fold just far enough to take them just a little further in than the car body profile.
  6. Bought a 04/2008 a month ago - like yours, loud road noise. Changed to Bridgestone ER300s - made a lot of difference. Good luck.
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