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  1. FFOC members get free delivery at CAD
  2. Checked your nozzles arent blocked? Does the pump work? Was there a big puddle under the car? :lol:
  3. Do they fit the ST? What make are they?
  4. See my How to post in the Forecourt for instructions
  5. I have mine hardwired. I have a Y splitter cigarette lighter thingy, that powers the wired GPS receiver and the PDA, and passes the GPS data. I got a spare cigarette lighter unit, and plugged it all together behind the dash using the existing wiring (no loom splicing) - the dash cigarette lighter now no longer works - but I have the rear one if necessary. I then have the PDA connector coming out of the ashtray into the PDA which is held on a Brodit mount.
  6. Yes it does tell you - I think it tells you the file name though - not sure if you can change it to show title/artist etc
  7. Pull it out and try to lever them from behind? :?
  8. Your location might help!! There's a guy in Essex who will do them for £125, does a good job too!!
  9. Was your tank completely empty when you stuck the £15 in? Were the test runs identical?
  10. Should say in the manual if they are OEM fit.
  11. I would hazard a guess and say no. If you really don't want high levels/rca convertors - then I suggest going down the route of the JL Cleansweep and similar.
  12. I prefer it without, A/C is more efficient anyway :)
  13. Warwickshire Lad, yep. Doing something individual, lack of money up front, improved driveability of a Bluefinned 115bhp over a standard 115bhp etc etc, there are many reasons.
  14. I would very much doubt it, the cost would be massive I would have thought (based on Mk1 Focus at least).
  15. £1k on a new car in 9 months? :shock: More like £3-4k (dependant on list price)!!
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