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  1. FFOC members get free delivery at CAD
  2. Checked your nozzles arent blocked? Does the pump work? Was there a big puddle under the car? :lol:
  3. Do they fit the ST? What make are they?
  4. See my How to post in the Forecourt for instructions
  5. I have mine hardwired. I have a Y splitter cigarette lighter thingy, that powers the wired GPS receiver and the PDA, and passes the GPS data. I got a spare cigarette lighter unit, and plugged it all together behind the dash using the existing wiring (no loom splicing) - the dash cigarette lighter now no longer works - but I have the rear one if necessary. I then have the PDA connector coming out of the ashtray into the PDA which is held on a Brodit mount.
  6. Yes it does tell you - I think it tells you the file name though - not sure if you can change it to show title/artist etc
  7. Pull it out and try to lever them from behind? :?
  8. Your location might help!! There's a guy in Essex who will do them for £125, does a good job too!!
  9. Was your tank completely empty when you stuck the £15 in? Were the test runs identical?
  10. Should say in the manual if they are OEM fit.
  11. I would hazard a guess and say no. If you really don't want high levels/rca convertors - then I suggest going down the route of the JL Cleansweep and similar.
  12. I prefer it without, A/C is more efficient anyway :)
  13. Warwickshire Lad, yep. Doing something individual, lack of money up front, improved driveability of a Bluefinned 115bhp over a standard 115bhp etc etc, there are many reasons.
  14. I would very much doubt it, the cost would be massive I would have thought (based on Mk1 Focus at least).
  15. £1k on a new car in 9 months? :shock: More like £3-4k (dependant on list price)!!
  16. I used to work in Focus, and used to advise people on everything from power tools, to electrics, to garden care. Wonder how many of them ended up in hospital!! :? :lol:
  17. Faithless2015 would be a good person to talk to about this :)
  18. Looks alright to me! :) Over zealous swear filter again though :roll:
  19. Go and find a dealer with the car in stock :P
  20. Thought you were getting a normal Focus instead of an ST because of the delay? IMO - work out what you can afford, then go and test drive all of the options. Buy the one you like the most!
  21. If using Ford approved parts, I assume not. However otherwise it would, unless specifically agreed beforehand.
  22. IIRC it was under the Block Exemption ruling that this was defined more clearly. Now your warranty will only be voided on parts reasonably affected by it. For example, lowering would invalidate some suspension issues, and a new HU would invalidate the speaker warranty.
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