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  1. Ford programmers are some of the best engineers in the world, it is just they they balance different aims and factors compared to the aftermarket.
  2. A few students near me drive Porsches, Merc coupes, M3's etc :(
  3. Yes, it will be better than the normal 95.
  4. IIRC these will give you problems with SatNav and Radar detectors if you have/plan to use one.
  5. You will almost always get more selling private!!! Yes, make it look good!! Common sense really!!
  6. kevin davies, FCR will help on any reasonably aged Ford. They gave a part contribution to my passenger door lock replacement out of warranty.
  7. MAP, assuming it is what I think it is, is the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor - which tells the ECU about airflow etc and is used in place of a MAF. Hope that helps :)
  8. Look in the For Sale section, Baron G is selling one - I have seen his version of it and it is the nuts!!! :D
  9. If you had mates at Fords then they can just give you the upgrade for free
  10. I would have thought that would be one of the first questions you'd ask anyway? In any case, it is down to the consumer to find out, however the dealer cannot tell you incorrect information (obvious as it sounds).
  11. Thing I don't get is, they have less resistance so less friction, surely the opposite of what a tyre should have?
  12. Yes - as long as they follow schedules and use Ford parts
  13. Chris Todd, or any of the other guys from Power Engineering in Uxbridge :wink:
  14. High N/A isn't as usable anyway - F/I is the only way to go really - in which case he will be looking at probably about £6k with the dev work involved. Again - financially pointless, but individual
  15. I wasn't turning it into an argument - but technically he never mentioned cost it was others - but this is childish now.
  16. If you were competant you could get the parts for under a grand (I would guess) - then mapping is the only other cost - but then again you can do that yourself if you are competant with live mapping (I can 95% map my engine without going anywhere the car!)
  17. Of course, but modifying a car never makes financial sense.
  18. The 1.6 engine in the Mk1 produces 100bhp as standard, Huzman fitted throttle bodies (plus associated management/cams etc) and got 165bhp. Other examples include Steve Zetec/Sparks car - from 130bhp to 170bhp with usual mods + cams - same for Andysaloon.
  19. 182_blue, thats rubbish - you can get 30-50bhp more without F/I.
  20. As often in low speed collisions the airbags will injure you more than prevent injury!!
  21. Wow - I might start checking the C-MAX section more often!!!! :lol:
  22. Not really a 2005 specific thread....... But I was very impressed when I went in Focus_Singhs Seat Chipped FR!!! All that torque!! :twisted: Even a chipped TDCi pulls very nicely!! :P
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