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  1. When you drive over 5mph (roughly) the doors lock themselves, and do not unlock automatically. It works on cars fitted with the GEM (Mk1 Facelift basically) - check the torquesteer site for the How-to Not sure on Mk2 - try it!!
  2. As SteveTDCi says, aftermarket is the way to go. I'm not a fan of Alpine because it is Alpine (contrary to popular belief it is not the be all and end all), however with the iPod their HU control ability is pretty cool. I would look to match that up with some decent front components and a decent sub in the boot. Amp would depend on budget. You could get a decent SQ system for around the £500 mark, or you can go cheaper, or you could go all out on an AVIC-X1R and have Sat Nav, DVD and one of the sweetest Hus about :P
  3. Well the new ones are Duratecs I believe, and the old ones are Zetecs :wink:
  4. 115Ps as standard - why Cmax area??
  5. Refuse it now. Accept it and you will have problems sorting the problems :wink:
  6. Isn't it the same T5 as fitted in the Volvo V40, so will be similar to that :)
  7. The first ST I saw had no paint match problems, although it was the only 4 door ST in existance :mrgreen:
  8. If you have had problems, and intend not to persue that matter further in the courts, then you are fine to name names :)
  9. Thats what I mean ucsman, you don't get something for nothing - more power means more fuel (ceteris paribus) - but the torque curves will improve and to get similar perfomance you don't need to drive it as hard. I went from a 1.6 to a 2.0, and found that fuel consumption wasn't much different - mainly becuase I didn't have to push the 2.0 as hard.
  10. Chips (and the change in driving style associated with this) improved fuel economy generally I thought?
  11. Look in the Diesel section of the forum - hundreds of threads about them. There are stickies too...........
  12. At least the faults should have been sorted by then TopScAL!!
  13. Improved response and a small increase in power :) Also the induction roar increases slightly :)
  14. I think he means that Ford charge the dealers
  15. Yea, they are at least £12.73 in my local dealer!!!
  16. Bargain!! Ford charge loads of money for them!! :shock:
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