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  1. tesscott6312 very good!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. I would think the RS (if lauched) would be priced to compete with similarly powered Evos and Imprezas :)
  3. Financial disasters in their own right perhaps, but the overall financial gain due to improved brand image is much more difficult to calculate........
  4. OptiX2K as ever - the voice of reason!! :)
  5. That seems a good deal to me!! :D Thats the same price as a private 2nd hand 05/05 model is worth!! :wink:
  6. amadeus, thats why I thought they were developing the T5 further, either that or they could just use Volvo's 'other' T5 that people hoped would be in the ST :)
  7. I thought it's 'If I remember correctly' :)
  8. Ooooh - or how about some ST220 alloys? :P
  9. Have a look here, they usually have some good deals!! :) http://www.rochfordtyres.co.uk/search.asp?numrecordposition=1&strSize=17%22&strkeywords=4x108%20et35,4x108%20et37,4x108%20et38,4x108%20et40,4x108%20et42,4x108%20et45&strSort=Low
  10. You can get 17"s for £200??? Take it you are talking about a Ford option?
  11. Sounds good if it's true........... There is a Volvo 4WD system that happens to fit nicely in the Focus chassis apparently :wink: Although I thought they were planning to use the T5 engine again, and just tune it some more!!
  12. What are you allowed to put the ST spoiler on then Mr Ford? http://www.ford.co.uk/ns7/foc_c307/-/focpersonalise_03/ :?
  13. Have you checked the brake fluid level recently? Do they feel 'spongy'? I wouldn't have thought ABS would affect brake 'feel' - but i'm not 100% :wink: :)
  14. He didn't mean that - he just meant as a named driver :wink: http://www.confused.com is the best I found :)
  15. Nice :P Price isn't bad either if it's true!! :D
  16. Do they do a 1.4? If they do I can't see it being that great because of the weight increase - and you may be worse off in terms of MPG than a 1.6 as you need to over-rev it to get the equivalent power as the 1.6
  17. You are not buying the best Ford do, but who are Ford in terms of ultra fast cars? If you buy the best car Ford do, you still don't own the best car in the world. Life is about compromise, and car buying is no exception :)
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