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  1. It's convex domed so you can see your rear passengers. My 5 yr old boy is autistic and still does not communicate well with words, I can keep an eye on him this way and can tell a lot from his body language and facial expressions, also keep an eye on his bullying 8yr old sister :( , but think it was intended for small children. I'll get some pics soon from the rear seats for you. The ST glovebox handle is regular but with an alloy strip also fitted to Ghias and Titaniums I think? LIKE THIS ONE ON E-BAY Sorry,don't have a part number or price :( Part number given in the ad is 136441
  2. Could you leave the grip in place and swap the whole lever? Is it a bolt on unit? :?:
  3. Fairly easy. I did the sunglasses holder first which did not need any lugs cutting then the C-max mirror which needed slight modification. Most of the time was spent rebuilding the mirror once fitted. Excuse the mess of the wiring. I cut of these lugs. They could have been shortened but decided they were not needed. Then used the new retaining ring (marked yellow) to press a mark(thumbnail pic) into the roof lining for the new cut out. Then cut out the extension with a razor sharp blade. I have now done away with that secondary mirror stuck to my windscreen that made it l
  4. I think this is about it? Parrot kit. ST front and rear mats. Tinted rear windows. (Very poor DIY job). Debadged bootlid. Halfords single LED 501 bulbs in footwell downlighters. Rear centre console pocket LED downlit. twin USB charger hardwired fitted into blanking plate. Heated screen buttons moved to the right. Uprated headlight bulbs. mains plug inside center console. 12V socket in boot. 2X stealth power invertors and front console mounted master switch. Power on LED. ST glovebox handle. drivers pocket rubber mat (glued). Drinks mat extender. 2X 'C' pillar mounted map reading lights switc
  5. Do you mean the handbrake grip? I recently fitted a genuine Ford Alloy style (ST) handbrake grip and it was a push fit. The black plastic factory fitted original that came off was stuck fast :!: I even had a steroid fueled body builder friend with to many muscles have a go at removal with no luck. I then used an open ended spanner sitting behind the grip with huge wacks of a hammer to try and ease it off but ended up burring the plastic where the handbrake gaiter wraps around the grip. In the end I hacked it of and destroyed it with a Stanley knife. :roll:
  6. Two design features I feel I can better the boys at Ford with. The pen holder is a pain! You break your back leaning accross then the entire contents of the glove box fall out :x So fitted this one here :D Always within quick and easy reach and no longer gets buried :D A Coin holder. You get 2 slots from factory and they don't quite hold coins (those that fit). So after an unhealthy amount of researching I found this nice little rubber piece as fitted inside the arm rest console of the late model Saab 93 :lol: *Actually holds coins in during travel* A
  7. Beware of these "Chips away" and other smart repairer companys :!: The individuals doing these repairs will have different grades and expertese. I'm not saying all are bad, in fact some are miracle workers. But I estimate on so many vehicles for "unsatisfactory repair" where a owner has had a smart repair done and then has to pay more over again for a proper bodyshop repair. Maybe get to see some examples of the smart repairers work?
  8. Have these elements been scratched or broken? I know there are repair kits available like a metalic paint to rejoin the element,
  9. Mine is forever on :shock: TBH it just gets ignored now. The engine does get worked hard but very rarely do I need to take it into the redline. I think mine comes on way too early. As mine will still pull slightly beyond the red. This does not mean I am some boyracer. The car is a workhorse,a tool to do my job. If I need it warm quickly or if I need some extra charge in my overloaded boot power invertors/chargers then it comes down a gear and sits close to the red.
  10. Do you know where I could find a guide? I have a set on the way :D THIS THREAD
  11. Any one else had anything like this flaking paint on the silver buttons? I think it only applies to Mk2 facelift? Can you tell what buttons I like to push :roll:
  12. Not normal. AFAIK There are 2 different types of boot carpet, those fitted with a space saver have a carpet that sits on the bootpan skin and those fitted with a full size spare that sit on a few inches of foam surrounding the the spare tyre-making the boot floor higher and the carpet shorter. Sounds like you have a space saver spare and the other type boot carpet? :?:
  13. Very nice, 8) I think you need to do the lower chrome grill surround to match :) Is it real carbon fibre or look alike stuff? I was thinking of colour coding mine (silver) or a matt/brushed aluminum as it's already taken a hammering of stone chips :x Anyone else noticed on sunny days that you get lots of sun reflection bouncing in front of you,more noticable on road signs? I like the badges too thay are very subtle,but would never stick anything on to an airbag :shock: it would be like a bullet to the head :!: Davie1888 "Had a quick look, fancy them in silver and blue, will order
  14. Finally arrived back :D I searched loads on google and other car forums as to where to get a nice set and kept on getting matches and hearing good things about a powerseller on E bay called topgaiters.(inspired by his ads in the first place!) I did find some other custom specialists but there prices were laughable :shock: I also noticed he did a center console cover for a Sierra cosworth........ :idea: I e mailed the seller and questioned the market for cossie parts :?: with little persuasion and funding he agreed for me to send my parts for a retrim. He has the templates for these cov
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