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  1. totally forgot to go had other stuff on i will defo be going soon though so will tell you
  2. yeah will pop in to ford probably tomorow heading through that way i will let you know
  3. yeah its intermitent on it aswell i will pop into livi one day im through there see what they say thanks
  4. i have a 1.4 studio 57 plate whenever me or someone else is driving my car changing into 3rd gear you get a crunching noise!!!! i know this aint normal i no it aint my driving because 3 other people have had the same thing whilst driving my car also when starting the car sometimes it makes 1 cluncking noise like its releasing something from the engine any ideas???
  5. iv got a 1.4 focus and mines is the same go to start it and it coughs at me try it again and he starts up like nothing was wrong!!!! i was thinking it was just me being me then i seen this and now im thinking it aint just me do i contact ford and ask them or leave it?
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