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  1. That is VERY VERY Nice. Hope you enjoy it.
  2. Does the bit come of easy Ronaldo? I will try some peanut butter on it (although I'll have go go out and get some as we don't have it in the house (I'm allergic to nuts)) LOL. Will keep ya informed how I go on. If I don't die in the meantime.
  3. I have a Focus Ghia and the black bits on the door (at the rear of the window) keeps going white. I have tried using back to black and other tyoes of blackening stuff, but after a week or so it goes white and has a matt look to it. Can anyone shed any light on how to sort it out, as it doin' my head in. If not can the pastic bit be replaced? How easy is it, Any code's to order? Cheers Guys/Gals Si
  4. http://www.luckymann.com/news.asp?ID=277 Looks like he lives upto his name "LuckMann"
  5. Many thanks for the replies but I have a 55 plate foci and it doesn't have the instant fuel thing on any of the menus. I thought I had read it somewhere that you could press the reset button whilst starting up and it went into a different menu.
  6. ............that you can change the readout to give you the instant MPG. Can it be done so it gives it permantly? Also can I get the doors to lock when driving off? Cheers
  7. Mine has the AUX button and is an MP3 player but it just displays the time when off.
  8. No it's just got the basic stuff on the wheel mount. Very Very confused. May it have something to do with pre-wiring for a cd changer. I havn't got one but thought it maybe for that.
  9. I am not aware that I have bluetooth fitted but it is a second hand car. How could I tell? I fitted the Sony MP3 player myself as it had a basic 6000cd in before.
  10. Thanks Revoltos but cannot find any other connector behind the glove box. But it's confusing me why there is a connector behind the stereo but nothing else behind the glove box.
  11. Hi, Bought the part from ford but came to fit it and the connection is filled on the back of the Sony MP3 player I have but no port in the glove box. What will be the connector fitted already in the head unit? Took out the glove box and had a good look round the wiring loom's etc but cannot find anything that looks like it connects to the back of the unit. I found a connector block but it differs from the mp3 connector so maybe it's the airbag overirde that is dealer fit. Can anyone please help me out.
  12. Saw this on a MKII in ashton-under-lyne the other saturday and it looked terrible. Take our advise and don't spoil your car. :0)
  13. If you look on dashmount's website it gives you a hint on how to get the radio out apparently you pull the facia off and the radio is held in with screws. Hope this helps :D
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