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  1. Isnt it supposed to stiffen or loosen the steering.... RTFM ? :D
  2. Use some glass cleaner on the inside..may help. Mine was the same - caused by greasy windows!
  3. Man, taking their time? You could understand if they had overfilled and it was ejecting the excess...but as you say...perm on and hissing ...something still needs sorting. It obv didnt do this from new?
  4. I'm saying dye too ! Gotta be...or a lubricant for the Air Con system?
  5. Had a 05 plate focus the other day...felt very slow. not sure if it was the vct or not....but lets say it was not an exciting drive!
  6. Doubt you will have tbh..ive been over a nice hump back bridge and it felt like it hit some type of stop on the way over the bridge and i deffo hit the bump stops on the way down. Dont think i quite got air but the cd skipped big style :D Still feels fine so i wouldnt worry, worse thing is if you wreck you sump or some such.
  7. Yup thats who I got them off.... Needs new blades and could do with that extra inch.....muhah! Ta for replies chaps! Chris
  8. Fantastic cheers! Done the mod for these wipers on mine but the drivers wiper is worn out and could do with being a little longer then the one I have. I've seen the Mk2 have the same type of arm but I don't think any owners would like me checking their wipers out :) I'll yank Smeem's wiper off when I see him at the next meet and offer it up! Ta for the reply.
  9. Hi Mk2 owners, Please could you measure your drivers wiper blade and let me know the length and also can ya post a pic of the fixing...ie; the entire blade so I can see how it attaches. Is there just as hole in the blade? Thanks all, Chris
  10. New Focus I had the 1.6 LX TDCi estate. Feels very refined and smooth. I've done around 350 miles in it. Plymouth -> Wales -> Bristol -> Plymouth Love the steering wheel, nice and thick and chunky. The gear change is also very smooth. It feels like the very slick Mondeo gear change. This diesel holds on to the revs for a little longer then I'd want during gear changes though...makes it nice and smooth when your pottering along but trying to race it sounds like your not lifting your foot off the loud pedal quick enough :) Something I've adapted to over a few miles though... Love the change up light (small red arrow) 'advising' you its time to change up to the next gear. Shame it’s a bit of a small light. Handling feels good. Obv this is an estate and it did feel a little more heavy on the road. Still feels like you can chuck it about though. Seats are good. Nice support and good adjustment. More comfort then the Mk I. The wing mirrors seem a little small. That's going to be one of my gripes. They are very Mondeo like. The electric mirror adjuster switch is bit a joke too. Far too fiddly and a tad difficult to use and looks half finished. The 1600 diesel wasn’t amazing in power delivery and there was a noticeable lag - For a 1.6 it wasn't boring though. Wonder how the 2.0 goes. Didn’t notice the stalling issue from the first TDCi engines in the Focus where you could easily stall it if you didn’t supply loads of revs on take off. Pulled away in second fairly well too! There was a bit more road noise then I expected. More then likely down to the hard compound tyres I expect. Premacy 16". No alloys with this LX. The front window is at quite an angle on the Focus. Like the natty wiper blades which have been copied from the VW Golf. Rear wiper quite small wiping only a small area. The stereo is good. This car had the 6000CD unit. Sounded similar to the previous focus. Certainly a bit better once I got Compression on and clipping off.. There were tweeters supplied in the A Pillars too! Another 'feature' whether you like it or not is that the air conditioning defaults to 'on' every time you start the car.... whether you had turned it off or not the last time you used it! Bizarre but Mercedes do this so heh :) Fuel economy was ok considering I was not hanging about.... put in 38 quid after doing around 350 miles.... The dash is very clear and nice to read. Nice glow when dark. They key fob has grown in length quite considerably - Are you pleased to see me or do you have a Focus key in your pocket. Visibility all round is very good, never had problems parking etc. Not sure what the handbrake is doing on that side of the centre console - it’s a bit far away and odd to use for the first few times. Plenty of storage space for cups and keys and phones etc. The owners manual folder seems a bit cheaper, no longer that funky wetsuit material but a cheap imitation leather... Certainly a car I could live with. Overall cant really fault it. As for looks - I like and it is growing on me more and more. Took notice of a couple of hatch back MKII's and they do look nice. This is just the 1600 LX so for more fun and toys the higher spec'ed models would be a plus on this! Played Ford!
  11. Hi Mark, Yea certainly does...BUT I would find it easier to just put in the miles myself rather then having to enter the total milage and let the sheet do the math. I always reset my trip counter to 0 everytime I fill up. Thats just personal preferenece I guess. I find it useful to see how many rough miles I have left outta the tank (depending on driving) Good work tho dude! Planty
  12. Thanks for the file Mark! Is there anyway to get rid of the massive RS picture in the back ground. It makes the file soooo big for an excel file (3 meg) and it kinds distracts me from the cells when trying to type in. Thanks Planty
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