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  1. i will do.off tomorrow so il get a few pics and post them :D
  2. Thanks for that triggster. i am liking the look of those :D Got the back windows done yesterday and i love it.looks great and i dont think it looks too bad without the front done :D
  3. I'll try and get some better/clearer pics for ya. thanks triggster :D
  4. cheers. i may buy a set of these too then.not bad priced. wait n c what the car looks like with the back tints first :D
  5. yeah must admit those do look pretty cool triggster :D :D wer you get them?
  6. thanks for the pics. looking at them i think i want all round but dont want to do it if its gonna get me pulled alot. :x
  7. i was gona go for dark smoke on bk and light smoke on the front if i do them :D :D
  8. my mk2(3dr) is booked in to get the windows tinted next week but just cant decide wither to get all round tints or just to get the back done.just because few people mentioned about the law for front tints. Anyone got pics of ther mk2 with window tints. back or all round please :D Cheers
  9. loving that exhaust jamz.look cracking :D
  10. i take it is a petrol then.like the exhaust :D
  11. alloys look good. :D is that an exhaust you have or is it an exhaust tip?
  12. iv got the one with the chrome surround at the moment.quite like it but just fancy a change
  13. yeah that one is nice,were did you get that grille from ?
  14. Any1 changed the front grilles on a mk2.top or lower grilles??? im looking to change them if there is any nice 1s If so, got any pics of the options??? :D :D thanks
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