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  1. upload some pics mate, i want to get a light tint on the front now too. Cheers, matt
  2. i'm not too sure, i'd hazzard a guess at the non resonated as it sounds awesome!!!! not loud at all, just right if you knopw what i mean. Keep scanning Ebay mate, it paid for me. Cheers, Matt
  3. i got mine for £260 but it was a one off from Ebay, someone ordered it but never showed to have it fit so the place just sold it me to cover costs. Didn't need any other parts to fit, was a real easy job too. Cheers, matt
  4. Yeah its where those black dots are just on the edge of the glass. Cant do anything about it, not over impressed with that but other than that its a spot-on job!!!
  5. Finally got round to uploading a pic........ Also got my Private plate on today too!! cheers, matt.
  6. Got over my Bad mood...... think the tints will be staying now. I'll upload some pics tomorrow and get peoples opinion!!!! Amazaing what a good drive then a few beers at home can do! Cheers, Matt
  7. only got 20% on it..... Not ripped it off yet, i'm having a beer and re-thinking the situation. LOL!!
  8. Afternooon.... Job done today, wont get any pics though up though as i am about to tear it out! Top quality job, it just looked cheap & rubbish!! £80 wasted there and a lesson learned!
  9. No pics yet, the guy didn't make it today. Will be done tomorrow though defo!!!! :D Fronts already have a nice tint anyways, rears aint dark enough so just having them done. Cheers, Matt
  10. Evening all, Just thought i'd post, i'm getting my windows tinted on Monday!!! I'll post some pics once they're done and also the guy who did them, he might be able to do some for people on here and give a discount.
  11. Which ones do you mean?? The ones same as mine? Anthracite 7 spokes? Cheers, Matt
  12. Plus it aint cheap when it comes to the 75K major service as the Ford recomend the DPF system changing..... ££££££
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